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Your Smart “Stockpile For Winter” List

Your Smart “Stockpile For Winter” List

Winter, in and of itself, can be a challenge for many people. Just keeping warm and dry seems to be a full-time job for some people. But, when you realize that our ancestors did not have electricity, central heat, and running water, you begin to realize that simply keeping warm and staying dry are “first world problems.”

But you may be asking why you should care. I mean, America is a first world country, and heat and shelter aren’t so much of a problem. The answer is: that is true right now. In a disaster situation, however, power may not be available. Central heat may not be available. Running water may not be available. Your grocery store may not be available. So, you should start thinking about what to stockpile for winter months to ensure that you are ready in case the worst happens when it is cold.

In that light, offers suggestions for seven things that people stockpiled for winters before the “modern age.” Here they are, along with our commentary:

  1. Food. This is obvious, right? But sometimes the obvious gets forgotten when many things are on your mind (How many times have you forgotten your toothbrush when packing to go on vacation?). So, be sure that you have food stockpiled, ensuring that these are foods that can keep for months until you can grow and/or hunt and catch more food to replenish your food stockpile.
  2. Feed. If you have a farm, you’ll need to be able to feed your animals, whether you have chickens for just eggs or for meat, too, or whether you have cows for milk and/or meat or hogs for meat. You’ll need to be able to feed them so that they can, in turn, feed you.
  3. Firewood. You have to stay warm. This means a heat source of some sort. While this could mean coal or oil to burn, it’s more likely that you’ll have easy access to wood to burn to keep you and your family warm during the cold months.
  4. Extra blankets. This is just common sense. If the fire burns low during the night, you still have to keep warm, so extra blankets are a necessity for these situations.
  5. Medicine. Besides the sensibility of stockpiling if pharmacies are closed because the economy crashed, it’s also wise to stockpile for if you are snowed in. It’s just wise planning.
  6. Candles. This isn’t so much for heat, but for light. If you have no power, being able to see when there isn’t daylight is very handy.
  7. Reading material. When it’s cold outside, there’s a good chance that you are going to want to spend as much time as possible inside, but, unless you are planning on meditating eight to twelve hours a day, you’ll need to find something to keep your mind occupied. This is a great time to read.

So, there you have it: a short list of things to stockpile for those cold winter months so that you and your family can survive in an off-grid situation.

How are you preparing for a winter in a disaster situation? Tell us below.



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