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Paper Product People Use Every Day Is Actually an Amazing Multi-Purpose Survival “Tool”

Paper Product People Use Every Day Is Actually an Amazing Multi-Purpose Survival “Tool”

When people think of tools, we often have a tendency to think of buying a new set of wrenches or hammers or hacksaws. But, really, all a tool is is something that can be used to accomplish a result, and, sometimes it’s the simple things that surprise you in a good way.

For example, there is a tool with a myriad of uses that you have probably never considered using except in the way that it’s sold to be used, but, with a little creativity, the lowly coffee filter becomes one of the more versatile tools in the preppers survival pack.

Why can I say that? Well, mainly because you can use it for these purposes (thanks to for many of these ideas):

  1. As a paper towel or paper plate replacement
  2. To cover food to protect from insects
  3. To filter water – Note: this is to get the big stuff out (like dirt and rocks), not to replace a filter for the microscopic stuff
  4. As toilet paper or facial tissue in a pinch – Probably not the most comfortable thing to use, but better than nothing!
  5. As a filter for tea: that’s right, not just for coffee!
  6. To keep seeds damp for sprouting
  7. To clean glass or glasses (as in spectacles)
  8. As tinder to start a fire
  9. As quick note-taking paper
  10. As a handy way to grab a dirty or greasy items without getting your hand dirty
  11. Use multiple filters as a grip to keep from burning yourself when grabbing a hot pan
  12. As a handy way to keep items in your pocket grouped together. Just add a twist tie to the top.
  13. As inexpensive craft items to keep your kids busy. Just add scissors and crayons.
  14. As a smart way to keep small items together instead of them spreading across a table when you are working with them – For example, if you pack your own shotgun shells, you don’t want the shot to roll away or the powder to spread out and away from you. Put them in coffee filters on the table, and, when your’re done with that round of packing shells, put a twist tie around the top, and put up the supplies.

I’m sure that you can think of a variety of other uses. Share them with us in the comments below.

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