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You Won’t Believe Why The Feds Sent Amish Man To Jail For 6 Years

You Won’t Believe Why The Feds Sent Amish Man To Jail For 6 Years

The Federal government is out of control. Government overreach has become a plague on our country and has risen to ridiculous levels.

Take, for example, the case of Samuel Girod, an Amish man from Kentucky. On June 30, 2017, a Federal judge sentenced Girod to six years in prison for not playing by Big Pharma’s rules. Frances Bloomfield gives us the details:

His crimes: making and selling herbal health products that were not “adequately labeled”, and obstructing a federal agency.

According to, the farmer, one Samuel A. Girod of Bath County in Kentucky, was convicted last March 13 for growing, manufacturing, and selling herbal supplements without approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Moreover, Girod was also charged for threatening a person who attempted to provide relevant information regarding his illegal activities to a grand jury.

Girod made his own herbal supplements. He sold his own herbal supplements. Being Amish, he feels that government control over his herbs and over his business are violations of his religious convictions, so he would not allow the FDA to peruse his property and would not bow down to their regulations. So, a Federal judge had him thrown in jail.

Never mind that Girod’s customers are happy with his products. Never mind that no one is forcing anyone to buy Girod’s products and that people buy from him out of their own free will. Never mind that, as far as we can tell, the only folks who are unhappy with Girod’s products are the FDA who have probably never tried them. They’re just unhappy because Girod wouldn’t bow to their regulations. Bloomfield continues,

Girod’s supporters, 75 of whom stood outside the courthouse in downtown Lexington, expressed their disappointment in the ruling. Speaking to, Arizona native Richard Mack called it a “national disgrace and an outrage”, noting that he used Girod’s Chickweed Healing Salve without experiencing any ill effects. The former sheriff and political activist said that the judge and jury had “created a felon today out of a good, law-abiding citizen” and that Giron was “being punished for being stubborn.”

This stubbornness, according to U.S. district judge Danny Reeves, is what led to Girod’s conviction. The judge told that Girod brought all this onto himself “because he steadfastly refused to follow the law.”

It’s just another example of government feeling the need to utterly control every little aspect of our lives “for our own good.” Never mind that it violates Girod’s First Amendment rights to have government regulate his business. Apparently, the Feds think their non-existent right to protect us from doing something good for ourselves overrules Girod’s right to practice his religious faith.

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