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You Won’t Believe the Bizarre Way Police Killed This Man

You Won’t Believe the Bizarre Way Police Killed This Man

Troy Goode was a 30 year old chemical engineer from Tennessee. He and his wife were attending a concert by a “jam band” in Southaven, Mississippi, about 15 miles south of Memphis. He begins acting “erratically,” so police arrest him, hogtie him face down, and he dies.

True story.

Beyond the obvious tragedy of this story, let’s look at the disturbing details:

  • He was at a Widespread Panic show. If you’re not familiar with Widespread Panic, this is a band that you go see in concert if you want to see the Grateful Dead in concert but can’t because they’ve broken up. In other words: people are stoned everywhere at a Widespread Panic show. Why was this news enough to call the cops on this guy and why weren’t the cops aware that the primary drugs being used at this show would be marijuana and LSD, both of which are extremely unlikely to cause violence issues?
  • He was hogtied face-down. Why? Can anyone explain any good reason for this?
  • He said he couldn’t breathe while tied up. This should have been a sign that someone should check on him, don’t you think?
  • His wife was not allowed to go with him to the hospital. Someone explain how they were legally able to prevent her.

This whole situation just reeks of “I’m a cop, and I hate these hippie freaks, so I’m gonna humiliate him by hog tying him!” This is not indicative of most law enforcement that I know, but this case screams that it needs to be investigated.

But it probably won’t be. And the government and law enforcement wonders why preppers are distrustful of them

Sound off below: Should Goode’s wife file a lawsuit or just leave it alone because her husband got what he deserved?

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