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You Won’t Believe What This Guy Uses To Make An Oil Lamp

You Won’t Believe What This Guy Uses To Make An Oil Lamp

If you’ve ever been through a prolonged power outage, you know that being able to see at night, especially during the longer after-dark hours in winter, is incredibly helpful.

During a survival situation, power is a luxury that may not be available, so being able to create your own light source is a skill that you will want to have. So, with that in mind, we are sharing a video below that tells how to make an oil lamp out of a lemon. Yes, really, a lemon. (hat tip to here for the link.)

It’s straightforward and easy. Grab a piece of citrus fruit (this guy uses a lemon), some oil, and some piece of cotton string (maybe from an old shirt) to use as a wick. Cut the fruit in half.  Then, clean out the insides of the lemon, leaving the navel center intact. Let that navel center dry out to use as a wick or you can split a piece of cotton string and wrap it around the navel center. Poor oil of some sort (or animal fat) into the cavity that you’ve created. Light it up. Remember, that you will need a way to keep this candle upright because it will not sit flat.

See the video below:

What are your best light sources in a roughing it, in-the-wild situation? Share them below.

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