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You Won’t Believe The Survival Uses Of This Common Bathroom Item

You Won’t Believe The Survival Uses Of This Common Bathroom Item

When you think about items to stockpile for survival situations, you likely think of food, cooking utensils, tools, fuel, and weapons for self-defense. Maybe you are one of those practical people who consider carrying toilet paper, toothpaste, and laundry detergent which, frankly, you’ll probably regret not having if you forget them.

But there is one items that you probably haven’t considered: dental floss. Why would you want to consider stocking up on dental floss? Because of the wide number of uses for it (other than keeping your teeth clean). Fortunately for us, a writer going by Nicholas O. gives us eight practical uses for dental floss, along with our comments (note that all of these uses assume that you are using normal, non-“Glide” type dental floss because the wide, smooth “Glide” type doesn’t resist splitting or breaking in the way that normal dental floss does). These uses are:

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  1. Tripwire. That’s right, tripwire. Because dental floss doesn’t stand out when you look at it. Take a few strands and twist them together to lend extra strength to the wire, put it between two trees, and you have a surprisingly tough little cord that won’t be stepped through but will take someone’s feet out from under them when they try to walk through it.
  2. Stitches. Regular dental floss can be surprisingly tough. If you need to make do for emergenty stitches, dental floss can do the trick to keep a wound closed up.
  3. Clotheline. Again, you’ll want to twist several strands together to strengthen them to hold the weight of wet clothes, but this is, basically, the tripwire idea, just at a different height for a different purpose.
  4. Spear making. You may think this is nuts, but imagine tying your knife to the end of a sturdy stick using dental floss as the cord holding your knife to the stick. There you go: homemade spear.
  5. Fishing line. Simply tie one end to a stick and the other end to a hook with bait, and you have an instant, DIY fishing rod. Nicholas O. advises that you can use a soda can tab for the fishing hook if you want to go as DIY as possible.
  6. Rope. What is a rope but cord or twine with more threads twisted together. This is the same idea. You’ll just twist together more threads of floss to make your rope and use it for climbing, carrying, and whatever other purposes that you need for rope.
  7. Shoelaces. Yes, you may not feel that floss shoe laces will be the next fashion trend (and, I agree, they probably won’t), but, if you need laces in the rough, these will do the trick.
  8. Sewing. Let’s face it, you’ll probably have to fix some holes in your clothes or reattach buttons. Floss can work great for some of the purposes calling for rougher thread.

Well, there you have it, eight practical survival uses of dental floss, so, with that in mind, it might be worth clearing your your local warehouse club of large amounts of dental floss on the cheap. It’s likely to be good for years, and you may be surprised how useful you find it.

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