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You Won’t Believe the Latest Excuse Cops Are Using to Trample Your Rights

You Won’t Believe the Latest Excuse Cops Are Using to Trample Your Rights

Bumper stickers have been a part of American life almost as long as cars have been on the road. And bumper stickers that express support for law enforcement will be appreciated by those who are trying to serve others as policy officers.

So you would think.

Apparently, though, “pro-police” bumper stickers make you suspicious to law enforcement. They start wondering what you’re doing, how you’re breaking the law. And if you have air fresheners in your car, then you are certainly a criminal because, obviously, you are toting illegal drugs in your vehicle.

Why else would you have pro-law enforcement bumper stickers and air fresheners? You couldn’t actually be someone who likes pine tree smells in your car and supports the police who actually do their jobs.

What makes this even more frustrating is, after police used this “information” for “probable cause” to search the car of Nohemi Peña after pulling them over for going “2 MPH above the posted speed limit” is that a Federal court ruled that the police were justified in their search.

This is simply outrageous and clearly demonstrates how the Feds are trampling our rights by making up excuses to justify doing whatever they want to do.

What do you think: Were the police justified or is this as crazy to you as it sounds to us? Tell us below.

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  • The last time I agreed to contribute, they read me a statement which I had to agree to, that was recorded and stated that I would get a bill in the mail and failure to pay was punishable by 10 days in jail. I should have said NO then. But that was the last time. Now I just hang up.

  • We are fast becoming the Nazi States of America. Socialism is a disease of the thought process. Unfortunately, there is no known cure other than total annihilation.

  • We live in a police state & the jack booted enforcers do the bidding of our collective Sherriffs of Nottingham. Especially targeted are the self reliant who may still have a few dollars left after being mugged by the tax man.

  • What people need to know the steps. A Police State develops first. It is a precursor to a Marxist State. That occurs when the blood of citizens begins flooding in the streets. Our blood.

  • This is the MAIN reason Texas “installed” the rule about how loud your radio can (or should) be. It gives them “an excuse” to pull you over. Once pulled over, the slightest little “wrong move” (or word) and NOW they have the “probable cause” to search the vehicle. NOW, if the cop decides he wants YOUR cute little car for his daughter’s graduation present, he simply calls in a back-up. With two of them there, one will “drop” something and the other will “find” it. Then YOU get hauled off to jail and they confiscate the car (because it was used in the commission of a felony)! By the time you get out of jail, your car has been sold at a police auction. Strangely, there were only three people AT that auction: The auctioneer, the wrecker driver who towed your car in, and the cop that wants the car. He will get it for a ridiculously LOW price, and YOU will still be responsible for any balance due to whoever financed it for you!
    And don’t try to tell me this won’t happen – I KNOW someone who lost an almost brand new little Toyota Celica in exactly this manner. Everyone who knew him KNEW he was not into drugs (or selling them). He HATED them WITH A PASSION!
    But they tracked the car down a couple of months later and guess who it was now registered to!!!
    Yep, the cop’s daughter!

  • Where are the cowardly preachers helping to influence the anti-police state movement? Protecting their tax exempt status. Meanwhile, the purpose of the Second Amendment was not an individual’s RKBA but for “A well regulated (citizens’) Militia.
    IOW, We the People ARE that militia, suppressed by the traitors in Congress in
    1903, and not talked about by the traitors in Congress today. So before it’s too late, begin organizing your state militia and we may be able to avoid civil war. To become educated on what to do, join me at ProjectFreedomUSA (dot org). Use the website “Contact” form and ask for me by name. Be sure to leave your email and ph# so we can communicate outside social media. Chuck Norris and Ted Nugent, are you listening?

  • Is it any wonder the people are angry? Maybe the police are not the only problem but judges who rule against freedom and liberty too. The Constitution provides for equal justice under the law and a Bill of Rights for all; no special classes or groups. The entire legal system needs to be placed back in the box.

  • I believe in the hope of eternal salvation through my lord and savior Jesus Christ. It is in he that my freedom lies. Freedom on earth is an illusion that most lemmings buy in to.

  • If you know where the car is shoot the Biatch and her father, you now have the element of surprise and pay back for framing you.

  • I also support the Police. the probable cause to search is not legal, especially if it is only because of having an air freshener in the car.

  • Why attack the messengers (the preachers) for trying to save your soul I would think you would want Jesus on your side for whatever comes your way only a fool would think otherwise

  • The box is just fine, it is the judges and police that are operating out side of the box. They are the ones we must get rid of.

  • Probable cause does not equal probable suspicion. Come on, most of our police aren’t assholes, though I am sure a few power high ones might be. Also, what is the quota their superiors want? All I can say to the power hungry, quota driven: Every one has a camera today. More people know the law and understand the protections provided under the Constitution.

  • I have not gotten pulled over very often, but when I was, I would reach for my registration and insurance in my glove box and my driver’s license in my back pocket to show an officer. Today, if pulled over for speeding, a tail light etc. I will await the instructions of the office and tell him why I am reaching for the glove box or for my wallet. I didn’t get shot in Nam, I certainly don’t want to get shot during a traffic stop. My advice to all. 1. Keep your seat belt on. 2. Keep your hands visible, on the steering wheel. 3. Film and/or record the entire situation from beginning to end. 4. Refuse any search without probable cause including a warrant. 5. Be polite to the officer and respond only to questions relative to the reason for the encounter. Most cops will understand and appreciate your actions. If you are up against a power hungry asshole, then just keep calm, respectful and let your recording to it’s job.

  • Unfortunately, the question to many doesn’t matter. The answer will be the same: Ted Cruz is the answer. or perhaps Donald Trump. They don’t understand the question, but are the answer. God Save those who have some intelligence!

  • I am not “incompetent.” I am destroying America more quickly
    that anyone thought possible.
    I am not “in over my head.” I am advancing totalitarianism
    right under your noses.
    I am not “stupid.” The stupid are those who fail to see the
    danger I bring.
    I am not “failing.” I am succeeding at every goal I have set.
    I am embracing your enemies and rejecting your friends.
    I am acting lawlessly and unconstitutionally.
    I am ignoring your Constitution.

    I am disobeying your laws.
    Your media is abetting me. Your Congress is not stopping me.
    Those sworn to defend your Constitution are not removing me.
    I am “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”
    Your Constitution, liberty, freedom, wealth, future and
    children are no longer at risk . . . the risk is past; they already are lost.

    Barrack Insane Obama

  • Remove all bumper stickers, put the air fresheners below the windows near the AC vent!
    Don’t give them any excuse to pull you over!

  • The police are out of control and out of line. Florida Highway Patrol will pull you over to racially profile, sexually harass, and intimidate women. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? Because law enforcement does anything it wants without a thought to the law. They are the law and you’d better do as they say not as they do.

  • Any thing they dream up can be probable cause. Used to be they had to get a search warrant to search your car. I think it is still that way but people are so used to doing what police say, they just do it. I would be one that would question the legality before they put a finger in the window!! I have a whole row of bumper stickers-Hillery lied and 4 men died!—Obama and God have one thing in common–no birth certificate. The difference is God does not think he is Obama!!—-Criminals prefer unarmed victims–Close PCMS—NRA–NAGR (National Association for Gun Rights—our Flag– God is Pro-Life and God Bless America. Now I need a wider van!!

  • If you are not breaking the law, which I don’t, just let them pull you over and search your car. all you have to do is say you may search my car and I will stand out of your way. I know you can say I have rights you can’t search my car, but what did you gain by it except the waste of your time, while they get a warrant to search your car. If you are not breaking laws it should not bother you much. except for the inconvenience. by the way I am not a cop just a person with common since..

  • I don’t know where this came from but it is absolute B S. In most states police officers “allow” you 5 to 10 miles over the speed limit for a faulty speedometer. Then if there is probable cause the officer will ask your permission to “look”. You do not have to give your permission without a warrant.

  • You are a band over not for authority. If you are not doing anything wrong they won’t get a warrant. They don’t have a right to just pull people over and search their cars. They are not Stasi…yet.

  • I don’t know where they got there data to support the artical, but I’d bet it came from the left coast. Cops have a hard enough job keeping us safe as it is! We don’t need arrivals like this one to make our lives more stressful. That law of averages tells me if the law needs to investigate something or someone, they have a reason. That includes me. Just don’t give them a reason and they’ll probably leave you alone.

  • I am now retired but did heavy criminal defense work for a number of years. Over 90% of my clients were guilty and I knew it, but everyone in this country is entitled to representation when facing jail time. Even though I was on the other side, I found most cops were okay and just trying to do their job. Were there some bad ones? Sure, but word would get around the Bar and we would do our best to get rid of them.

  • We use air fresheners all the time in our cars. We support having police but do not have a bumper sticker. This seems extreme to me. I do not see it as justified.

  • The cop was anal the day he pulled that car over for going “two miles over the speed limit”. Who is to say the radar gun needed calibration? Are all speedometers and radar guns 100% calibrated with each other? That cop and those like him need to have some restraint and allow leeway for “speeders”. The cop needs to get a grip and the judge should be castigated for infringing on 4th amendment rights.

  • I Agree,, A bit over the top, And I have a sticker from my support of Law Enforcement, But it is real, I donate every yr, It goes to show even the cops are getting paranoid

  • Don’t believe Police Officers have become more aggressive and intrusive in their tactics over the years? I have a suggestion for you; Spike TV is airing is old episodes of the police reality show “Cops”, watch some of the very early season’s episodes of the show, then watch some of the most recent season’s episodes. You will see for yourself how much policing in America has changed.
    One example that get’s my goat is the forfeiture laws; these laws were passed to go after the real heavy duty drug dealers to seize the assets obtained with so called “Drug Money”. Over the years these laws have morphed into a situation where the cops are ” Oh, you have a couple grams of marijuana? Guess what, we now own your car!” To bad, so sad… Instead of high volume drug dealers losing assets, low quantity buyers are losing their assists. The cops will even set up drug stings were they sell fake drugs to people, then turn around and arrest them and seize their vehicles.
    I am very pro cop, but I have become very disturbed by things I see going on, we ARE living in a Police State. One other thing that really upsets my is that the Supreme Court of the United States of America ruled that Police Officers can lie to suspects in getting them to incriminate themselves; it just isn’t right that the “good guys” can lie to your face.

  • The real problem here is the judicial branch just rubber stamping everything the cops do and giving them such a major bias in the favor of a cop. We can all thank Bill Clinton for today’s issues.

  • Whoever you are, “us-steel”, please tell me just how contemporary preachers are “trying to save (my) soul”? Fyi, I do have Jesus on my side. What Christian patriots don’t have are tens of thousands of pastors preaching from the pulpit on how we can fight back against the anti-Christians controlling this nation. Instead, they are meekly hiding behind their tax exempt status and staying silent. Of course, you’re probably going to tell me that the meek shall inherit the earth b/c you falsely interpret Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. Let me ask you this “us-steel”: Have you ever heard of Pastor Chuck Baldwin? He’s a constitutionalist in Montana and contributing writer for NewsWithViews (dot com) and is about as close to being a “descendant” of the Black Robe Regiment as there is. If you are unaware of who the Black Robe Regiment (BRR) was and what they did, then you should do your homework on them and join the fight.

  • It’s pretty easy really many judges are going by the Clinton Era stuff that tells the judges to give the cops 35% bias in a court room. As a result the cops are never wrong and can do no wrong. That is a bad idea all the way around. Even though we the subjects never are told that. Most anybody paying attn in the early 90’s can remember bill Clinton doing executive orders to that effect. Nobody has reversed them. And executive orders are considered the law of the land.

  • That just goes to show you that aven the local police are starting to over reach their duties. The police already pissed me off where I live so better not mess with me, and I’m saying it nicely.

  • Nicholas I agree to an extent you are right we are all sinners Jesus will judge the sinners, unbelievers and the phoney preachers that Aren’t working in his interest, they will have to explain, like we all will in due time–Preachers can’t save us, we are only saved by Jesus’s blood on the cross, Jesus has already paid our debts in full, amazingly it’s free for the asking thanks for being on board, keep the faith

  • Gotta love all the responses…..of course, the reason you are able to speak out & condemn the police & courts are very simply because the police are there to keep the rights of the Constitution for everyone. Free Speech being in the 1st Amendment…..BTW,

  • Agreed. I put no bumper stickers of any kind on my vehicles for just this reason. An NRA or Glock sticker will have the cops walking up with their guns drawn. Being the grey man is the way to go.

  • Texas got Open Carry right…sort of. We should not need a “permission”, i.e., a license. Maybe next state legislative session we can re-institute the State Militia to reactivate 15 million members.

  • This sounds like a writer who has issues with law enforcement. If you think for a moment that the police purposely look for vehicles to stop that sport pro law enforcement window stickers, air fresheners or are driving 2 miles an hour over the speed limit, you are sadly mistaken. Sounds like this writer received a ticket recently, or whose ex-girlfriend is now dating a cop, or has some other undeserved reason for bad mouthing law enforcement. Grow up my friend.

  • Over the years police have become nothing but a tax payer sponsored gang. They operate more like gangs and their gang leaders are politicians.

  • I had a cop come up behind me and tried to cuff me but with 4 of them on top of me on the ground they finally managed to put 2 cuffs on me for no reason at all, they charged me with 2 counts of obstruction, being honest, thought I didn’t need any witnesses and boy was I wrong, all 3 of the officers straight out lied under oath and it cost me nearly 400.00 . I just couldn’t believe it even so I am experienced in law enforcement, retired, but not not in WV, the town, Clarksburg and I hate dirty cops. I don’t give a damn who knows it.

  • Why don’t you file a lawsuit to get your illegally confiscated car back? That crooked cop & that wrecker driver both belong in jail, along with that auctioneer too!

  • For openers it was not my car – It happened to some one I knew.
    Secondly, he would have spent more money on attorneys’ fees than the car was worth.
    And Third: If he DID win the case, the local cops would “mark” him and he would get pulled over for every little infraction of the rules and in the long run pay out even MORE money!
    It ain’t worth arguing over, you will lose in the long run!

  • (SI) We the People can get rid of local law enforcement. Halfway to military retirement I started educating myself. Read
    “Pawns in the Games” by William Guy Carr and other books that helped me
    understand the facts that the military was being used by the Money
    Lenders and our traitors in Congress for their own global purposes. “War
    is a Racket” by Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler is another great book to read.
    I was stupid (thanks to the public fool system) and didn’t know the
    founding fathers warned against standing armies. Now I’m working to
    organize 15,000,000 Militia in Texas since State Militias are the
    constitutional way the framers gave We the People for retaining power.

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