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You Won’t Believe The Disgusting Way The Government Is Using Kids To Get At 2nd Amendment Supporters

You Won’t Believe The Disgusting Way The Government Is Using Kids To Get At 2nd Amendment Supporters

You wouldn’t expect this in Texas. After all, Texas is a place where gun ownership is so sacred as to practically be part of its constitution; it certainly seems to be part of the Texan culture.

However, not everyone in the Lone Star State is so understanding of people who want to live their lives and be left alone by the government: In fact, the Pflugerville, Texas, school system sent a survey home with 100 students asking questions about how many guns a family has and the political views of the parents.

Now, maybe you think that this is just the school being curious or trying to start a conversation on current topics of interest in the world for the classroom, but Kit Daniels has a different viewpoint.  Daniels writes,

“Overall, the survey follows an emerging trend by public schools to probe their students’ private lives.

“’Doesn’t matter if it’s a journalistic survey, it crosses the line,’ one parent said. ‘This wouldn’t be answered in my home and this is the reason that any poll similar to it is not accurate.’

“’Who in their right mind would respond truthfully to something like it?’

“She makes an interesting point: if the survey is not intended to target pro-gun parents, what good is it for then?”

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I think Daniels is right: this is just another invasive way that government is using to try to find excuses for running our lives, to give fodder for Child Protective Services and the ATF to invade our lives, and this type of thing needs to stop.

What do you think: Did the Pflugerville school system cross the line or are we overreacting? Sound off below.

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