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Yes, You Can Be Safe From Mobs When The SHTF

Yes, You Can Be Safe From Mobs When The SHTF

In a SHTF situation, sadly there will be some people who will lose all sense of decency as they think only of themselves and their personal survival and not about what is right and wrong. What this means to you is that, if a survival situation happens, you need to have a strategy and tactics to survive until the situation improves or until you can leave and get to an area in which daily survival isn’t so difficult.

To stay safe in this kind of situation, the first thing to remember is to plan ahead. Obviously, you can’t plan for every situation, but you can have principles and and a knowledge of what you are willing to do in those situations. Lance D. Johnson gives us an example:

[If you are confronted by a gang], you have to keep a level-head and not act on emotions. If you are held up by a gang, it’s time to be flexible and decisive. It’s time to improvise. Do not show weakness, but do not tempt them to use their power on you. If you give in to their demands too far, you won’t be able to have a negotiating point or a way out. Can you find a negotiating point with the gang? Can you gain leverage from your conversation with them? Many times they have abandoned all rationality. If the gang threatens to hurt you or take you or your family’s lives, be prepared to give up food, supplies, and money. You may have to sacrifice some of your pride in order to stay alive and save your family. Remember what is most important.

Johnson has a point. Some things aren’t worth fighting for and some things are (your family, for example). You need to have decided beforehand what you are willing to compromise.

Beyond thinking ahead about what you are willing to give up, though, you can also make contingency plans so that you can, ideally, avoid the gang situation noted above. Johnson mentions the idea of creating a concealable hideout which your family can retreat to if violence comes to your home. Not a bad idea, especially if you keep appropriate weapons on hand in that room so that if, God forbid, you have to physically deal with a threat, you have the tools to do it.

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And a third thing that Johnson harps on is situational awareness, which we’ve written about before (here, here, and here, for example). I really can’t harp on this skill enough. Situational awareness is, quite simply, the best way to consistently avoid violence and trouble situations. If you are aware of your surroundings, then you can often avoid the problem areas. It is worth developing this skill.

So, there you have it, some simple ideas to help you stay safe from mobs when the SHTF. Have other suggestions? Share them below.

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