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One World Leader Just Gave A Bone-Chilling Warning About A Global Threat

One World Leader Just Gave A Bone-Chilling Warning About A Global Threat

Viktor Orban

Civil unrest is on the rise around the world.

Europe is in a particularly dangerous position that could quickly spiral out of control.

Now one world leader just gave a bone-chilling warning about a growing global threat.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán made a statement about Europe that should alarm everyone.

During a speech in Prague where he commemorated the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, a movement to end communism in Czechoslovakia, Orbán essentially said that western Europe was done, and the continent’s future rested on Central Europe.

While most of Western Europe never had to suffer under Soviet communism, countries like Hungary and Poland collectively bear those scars.

For that reason, they’ve been more resistant to the cancerous growth of globalist governance and increasingly authoritarian rule.

Orbán said in his speech, “We want to live as free nations, not as provinces or subordinates to empire…We must defend the sovereignty of nation states, because if we abandon it, it will mean the end of democracy.”

Hungary’s leader is specifically talking about the frightening power of the European Union and its top-down dictates to the countries.

One of the main reasons for concern is border integrity.

Mass migration from the Middle East and North Africa has been a disaster because too many people were brought in too quickly.

The people of these countries didn’t have a say in the matter.

Through the Brexit movement, the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU, but the elites refuse to obey the wishes of the voters.

They plan on delaying Brexit for as long as possible by calling new referendums and offering soft Brexit deals in hopes the population will eventually give up.

So far, that strategy hasn’t worked, as enthusiasm for Brexit has only increased.

Orbán also talked about the importance for national sovereignty so the countries of Europe won’t be dependent on migrants to pay into pensions that are already insolvent in many cases.

The Hungarian government is offering incentives for its citizens to get married and have three more children.

The initiative has led to a sharp decline in abortion and divorce rates.

Over the decades, Europe has become more childless and more irreligious.

Many of Western Europe’s political leaders don’t have any children, which is rare for heads of state.

Hungary is trying to avoid the fate of countries like the UK that are entirely under the thumb of the EU.

People don’t want unelected elites in Belgium telling them how they can live their lives and who they can let into the country.

Even more troubling is that the countries of Western Europe are cracking down on free speech.

Europe is often the canary in the coal mine.

What happens there eventually comes to the United States.

This should be alarming for all Americans because countries like Great Britain have convinced themselves that their own societies and cultures are terrible.

That is a recipe for disaster, and sadly, American leftists are trying to do the same thing here.

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