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William Barr Put Antifa Terrorists On Notice With One Bold Threat

William Barr Put Antifa Terrorists On Notice With One Bold Threat

William Barr

Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists have been causing destruction across the country.

Law-abiding citizens who’ve been forced to defend their homes and businesses against the mob are fed up.

So Attorney General William Barr is putting the far-left terrorists on notice.

Donald Trump and William Barr recently declared Antifa a domestic terrorist organization after years of attacks that escalated over the past four months.

The Black Lives Matter movement has also been engaging in acts of terror, but the supposedly decentralized group hasn’t been called to disavow their extremism.

This has forced the Trump administration and AG Barr to get creative in bringing these radicals to justice.

For example, the Trump administration deputized state police in Oregon to arrest Portland extremists on federal charges because the progressive district attorney in the city refuses to prosecute crimes.

Now Barr is flirting with another bold action to tamp down acts of terrorism from Antifa and the fringe elements of Black Lives Matter.

During a call with federal prosecutors, Barr floated the idea of charging violent rioters with sedition against the United States.

From the Chicago Tribune:

“Attorney General William Barr told federal prosecutors in a call last week that they should consider charging rioters and others who committed violent crimes at protests in recent months with sedition, according to two people familiar with the call.”

Barr isn’t far off with his assessment.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters fit the definition of terrorists – they’re organized, operate across state lines, receive foreign financing, and use violence in order to elicit a political outcome.

Additionally, they’ve been heard chanting “Death to America” while marching down the street, so it’s clear they’re anti-American.

Charging far-left terrorists with sedition could be the inevitable next step if district attorneys refuse to prosecute cases of mayhem.

They’ve already caused billions of dollars in property damage, marched on the homes of private citizens and public officials, used incendiary devices against federal buildings, taken over city blocks, and even committed acts of murder while Democrat governors and mayors have largely allowed them to act with impunity.

William Barr came out of retirement because he was alarmed by what the radical left was doing to the country.

Barr has spoken about how liberal “secular values” have damaged the country, and that’s manifesting itself in policy as well as street action.

The supposed “moderates” of the Democrat party have embraced or excused the radicalism from the far left.

The Democrats have openly talked about packing the Supreme Court, a move so bold that Franklin D. Roosevelt was shamed simply for suggesting the cheap tactic.

Democrats have also discussed adding states in order to acquire more senators and dismantle the electoral college so that the urban metropolises they control would set the policy for the entire country.

The guard rails are off for the left, and Barr just won’t sit still for that.

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