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Will This State’s Action Trigger Another U.S. Civil War?

Will This State’s Action Trigger Another U.S. Civil War?

There has been a growing secession movement in Texas for a number of years. Fact of the matter is that Texas has always had an independent strain running through its culture, which may well be a carryover from the fact that it was its own independent republic from 1836 to 1846.

So, maybe it isn’t much of a surprise that Texans are wanting to nullify all Federal gun laws in their state.

It’s the kind of thing that warms the heart of any freedom-loving American, but, with so many anti-Second Amendment crackpots in Washington, I wouldn’t expect this to be cut and dry.

In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if Obama self-styles himself as another Abraham Lincoln and declares martial law in Texas, just like Lincoln did in Maryland (you don’t remember that from your government school history class, do you?), to prevent it from leaving the Union. In Texas, though, that might cause a full-scale revolt and another American civil war, which is a scary thought.

What do you think: Would a move by Texas to nullify Federal gun laws cause a civil war? Comment below.

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  • Texas, and Texans will do whatever is necessary to secure, protect, and maintain the freedoms provided to all by the U.S. and Texas constitutions. There is nothing the current U.S. guvmint can and will do to us that has not already been done before – AND WE’RE STILL HERE.

  • The idea might be interesting. That being said, I find the possibility of such taking place to be “wishful thinking” on someone’s part.

  • Trouble is that the Calendar Committee Chair, an appointee of RINO House Speaker Joe Straus, never released the bill out of the Committee for a vote on the TX House floor.

  • I think there is so much disrespect for the Washington power base that it is possible for rebellion to occur. The Black Panthers and Farakans have called for the murder of Whites and Police. There has been no response from the FBI or law enforcement agencies to stop this incitement of terror against the citizen. Obama takes actions to aid the trouble makers. So what else is there to do? Maybe his 100,000 Syrian soldiers will bring peace to our land. Ha ha ha ha ha

  • It’s about time a state used the rights reserved for the states in the US Constitution to stop the federal government from usurping the powers the states should have exclusively.

  • My take on Texas. Texas has never sign in to the Union.So this ADMIN knows that,They are the only one, who never sign in any UNION.

  • Even Obama, the Muslim Fraud President wouldn’t take this action. This time if a war comes it will be red state against blue state and we have the superior numbers.

  • Im with Texas lets succeed from the union enough of this black turd telling us how he is further going to manipulate us. If Obama starts grabbing guns what hes going to get is a body count unseen here since the civil war. Anybody that gets Obama in the cross hairs he going down. The way he is acting is not in a professional manner. What would he know about it hes not from here. Hes a traitor to this country so that makes him treasonous and should be hung by the neck until dead.

  • We believe that ALL of the states should secede from Washington D.C. at the SAME TIME,that way D.C. WON’T be able to do ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!!!! What say ye
    ALL STATES,SECEDE ALL AT ONCE,and leave D.C. hanging.OH,and one more thing,ALL STATES keep ALL OF THE DOLLARS that are supposed to go to the federal government and help support each other.SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD PLAN TEXAS!!!!!

  • A lot of new comers to our state do not know the inborn pride that true Texans have for our State. It us a pride and love for our State that you have to be born with. Obama can never know this kind of love, he doesn’t even love America, he has no loyalty , honor , or moral compass to protect this nation, he has no no respect for those served this nation, he sells out to foreigners and cares more about the rights of illegals than citizens of this country. We. are no.longer respected by other nations, because of the weakness of Obama and his liberal government cronnies.
    I would welcome Texas independence, I would fight for that independence, to once again have the right as a state to determine our moral and fiscal future. The right to stand up for the lives of the unborn, to have marriage as God intended it to be, and too have prayer in school.

  • I don’t think it’s just Texas, I think a couple of other Southern States could be included. Texas needs to take care of it’s muslim problem that Obama has pushed on them. Obama’s said if Texas were to fall the rest of the South would be no problem! I say, BS!

  • I would love it if Texas flipped off the Muslim Communist Kenyan in the BLACK house. Let him declare Martial law. There are at least a dozen states behind Texas, ready to do the same thing. This country needs a civil war, start by shooting the Libtards…go from there.

  • The only way that secession would occur would be that the government should declare martial law and then all hell would break out. I’m just wondering who are those that would try to enforce it.

  • He wants something to happen, and soon, he wants that 3rd term bad, and it will be by martial law. Just remember, he never would sign off on using drones on Americans, I wonder why!!

  • No, I don’t think a secessionist move in Texas would change any federal regulations of any kind, but I think we might move there.

  • If enough Texans stand up it will roll over, there is a petition drive to vote for Texas Independence underway right now.

  • I agree on the Drones and the 3rd term for Oblama Bin Laden. I don’t understand how Americans can be so blind to his intentions on EVERYTHING he does.

  • I totally agree, his goal is to bring down this country. He made the statement once that the Constitution was an old pieces of paper, and he treats it as such! I think this country is a ticking time bomb!

  • His goal is to take the USA from the white people. If ANY other “majority” is willing to work (their asses off) to pay taxes, just so piece of sh*t democrats can give our hard earned dollars away to people who won’t (work)…well – let them stand up please!!!

  • The People will not stand for this Government to try and control them by making any type of law to restrict our Gun ownership under the Constitution. They wouldn’t last a day. This is the reason the Founder Fathers placed Gun ownership in our Constitution to the Citizen so the people can control the Federal Government when it gets out of control . Seems that time is getting very near .

  • The other 49 should be doing and saying the same thing. The federal POSs especially the lying monkey clown in the white house and his 3 ring circus, the congressional a$$wipes, the supreme court commie idiots and the media have torn this country apart like never before. Martial law? I think WE THE PEOPLE should start looking at putting some of these people in prison for treason, inciting riots, obstruction of justice and other lawless and unconstitutional actions.

  • I think he wants the White man out numbered, combine blacks, Mexicans and muslims, that’s a mighty big pile! 🙂

  • The civil war was a failed revolution. You mention little known facts but fail to call the war what it really was.

  • Absolutely Texas should allow Texans to carry and Secession is a valid way of saying ” we have had it with the overpowering federal government”.

  • I doubt it would cause a civil war, but I don’t blame them for nullifying Federal laws if they are over reaching. More states should grow a pair and tell the Feds the same.

  • Obama particularly hates Texas. Remember when TX had record wild fires (suspicious), and Obama withheld sending federal firefighting helicopters to help?

  • Montana and other states nullified the REAL ID law a few years back. The states said “no way,” and just didn’t comply. Sometimes that works.

  • I’m 20 mins SE of Dallas, bring in the Gun and Ammo Makers and then see how many of the other Southern States have had enough of DC and make a full go of it.The North just wants more Laws and Regulations and the People can’t find work and every time you sneeze they want to make more Laws.

  • I am an old man with a few old guns. If the dysfunctional government we now have wants to rain down any sort of punishment on my state of Texas I say, as any thinking Texan would say, “Let er slosh Mojambo!

  • Do U remember earlier this year when some Anthrax or some kind of chemical accidently got shipped all around the country by the Gov., U think it was an accident? There will be a war, but it want be a fair one. They’ll pull every trick in ISIS’s book! But regardless, I’m not gonna sit on my a$$ and do nothing. That’s just the way us Southerner’s are!! 🙂

  • Exactly; I’m amazed how many people refuse to see this. She is a very dangerous woman! And a One World Order monger as well. She’s a traitor, through and through, and a serious leftist.

  • Ironically, I’m a Midwestern boy. Born and raised in Michigan. But I despise the liberals and their insistence to do away with all southern history. The original civil war was not fought over slavery. It was about big government assuming power over the south and their interests. Including banking, taxation and the North’s devaluation of the South’s GDP. Our history books teach children propaganda. I live in Austin (it’s too liberal) and I fully support Texas and our rights bear arms to defend against tyranny. Most folks in the north-east are liberal assholes that are clueless. The Midwest people have become blind (most it seems) to what is really happening or just think everything will just work out. California, Ortland and Seattle are lost causes. As for me, I will stand with the south to my last breath.

  • Michigan is one place that has truly gone to he$$ with their muslim population, and already have no go zones, HERE in America, I can’t believe it! They’re taking over the north, and even have the schools wanting to ban the American flag, with the brainwashing of the teachers and professors. And thanks to the black house clan they’ve tried to destroy or Southern heritage, the Confederate flag, and even removed some statues, and are even trying to dig up and move some Dixie soldiers. This country has gone crazy, but we have to keep our head and watch our backs, cause we’ve got a rough road ahead!

  • They have done that here in Austin too. Removed statue of Jefferson Davis from UT campus. But open carry is being re-instated. The Libtard students were protesting by walking around with (open carry) dildos. Fitting actually. Yup, the black man and Muslims have all of the rights and privileges while we work to give it to them. But it’s to be short lived. Keep the faith and never stop watching your back. God bless.

  • I don’t think it would cause a civil war because, despite all of the “gunning up”, I don’t believe that Obama or his federal “enforcers” really have the stomach or backbone for the fight.

  • This particular administration is out to do whatever it takes to take us down! Stand and fight. Their ALL corrupt and sleazy. Dishonesty is just their way of life, and if hillary is elected it will continue.

  • Indeed. That’s people’s problem. They are brainwashed and don’t try to learn for themselves. The winners write the history books and only those who take time to search for knowledge learn true history.

  • I for one will move to Texas and help hold off this communist democratic government so I will watch for the queue to get moving

  • We Will Suceed from this Nation of politically correct Obama sheep! Go ahead and try your
    Martial Law BS. Make sure your nato troops and whoever decides to seal their fate by attacking
    OUR BELOVED STATE to bring plenty of Body Bags!!! I I I % Molon Labe

  • I back texas. They are the smart ones. They will do what is right. Any great lakes states should also pull out of the Union.

  • Ditto!!! Count me in!!! My In-Laws are from the Great State of Texas and I have always had the highest respect for the great people of The Republic of Texas. I will be there to help and hopefully bring lots of friends. I know we can’t count on California joining us, but there are a lot of other states that will.

  • ok texas,put up or shut up. if you do it you will be the first, I am guessing. and then possibly, make TRUE history. only because other states, would follow your footsteps, and stay on your trail. to (guess) history??????

  • If it becomes necessary, I’ll be on my way in two days. I
    have friends and family in Texas and skills that will employ me almost as soon
    as I get there. And being a vet, I’m used to relocating to a new place so
    getting adjusted is no problem. My boys
    are grown and have families of their own and the only one I need to
    support is myself. I’m tired of this do nothing congress that is doing every thing they can to allow Obama to shred the constitution with impunity.

  • This is not about North and South this time, I have lived in Texas and agree with Texan but I now live in WY and most here feel the same. This time it will be Red states and blue states and we will kick there asses, the blue states are full of lazy “entitled” a-holes that will not fight for long.

  • Same here, I am trying to find a way to get back to Texas with out going to Houston. But if Texas secedes we are headed there.

  • It is not beyond possibility but it won’t just be Texas there are a number of states that could follow suite all of which support the 2nd ammendment. Since Obama has been on office he has ignored the constitution and the will of the people. He simply does executive orders and tells congress to go to hell. It’s obvious the US is heading down a road we have never been on before and the American people’s lives will be forever changed very soon.

  • Given Obama’s clearly “Preparatory “E.O.’s” would not any move to oppose the Federal Government be seen as Justification to invoke the Martial Law E.O.’s against that state or even nationally?
    Would such a move by Texas not be playing into Obama’s desires to find any excuse to invoke his E.O.’s?

  • As a born and raised in Texas boy I will stand with my state just as some of my ancestors did against Santa Ana. Just bear in mind that Houston, Dallas and Austin are de facto states within our state and do not reflect the character of the entire state just like some other large cities do not reflect the true character of America.

  • don’t stop now TEXAS, you might never have, or have a more better chance to be equal and free. you would be like a leader. something that there is only one of, in Washington, now days. however, it seems like your situation would be in a separate way. a different way, in which not only the governor votes. but also his respected governing representatives under him.

  • I realize I’m a few days late to the party, but that was brilliantly worded. Born and raised in TX and it’s true, there’s a pride in and love for this state that one can’t explain. And yes, we need to go back to allowing prayer in public schools, keeping the definition of marriage as that between a man & a woman, and holding sacred the lives of the unborn. Fantastic write-up.

  • Obama is America’s and Texas # 1 enemy.
    He is a traitor who has decimated our military.
    We are not prepared for an attack on our country, which is coming.
    Obama is not an American, I do not care what anyone says, he is a cowardly
    sissy that Putin just laughs at.
    Obama should have been impeached years ago, but, the republicans are cowards
    and fear the leftist media who cover Obama’s ass.
    Our country is being destroyed by political correctness, thanks to the new communist
    democratic party.
    What a disgrace.

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