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Why You Should Consider Deleting Your Facebook Account

Why You Should Consider Deleting Your Facebook Account

Facebook can be a wonderful thing. It allows you to connect with people that you haven’t seen in twenty years, keep up with family who live in other states in a photo-driven way that phone calls can’t provide, share cat memes with everyone you know, even those who hate cats.

But Facebook isn’t all nice and harmless. You wouldn’t believe the information that they track about you, and this raises serious concerns for both our privacy and our children’s privacy.

For example, did you know that Facebook never deletes any information that it gathers about you. Never. An article by The Free Thought Project provides some details:

Quite simply, Facebook never deletes anything. Unfriended friends, past relationships, former employers, previous names, address book: you name it.

The article continues:

Whenever you post a photo to Facebook, it keeps a record of all the data that’s attached to it. That seems quite obvious but I didn’t suspect it was so detailed. Have a look: Camera Maker, Model, Orientation, Exposure, F-Stop, ISO Speed, Focal Length, Latitude, Longitude & Upload IP Address

Now, you may think that this is no big deal. After all, what is Facebook going to do with all of that information? Advertise to you? And that’s exactly what Facebook would say they are doing (to be fair, that’s probably all that they are doing.), but it’s the information that Facebook shares that makes all this dangerous. Again, from the article from The Free Thought Project:

The thing is, Facebook’s been purposely mysterious about what type of information they share with third parties. Despite numerous requests by users throughout the world, their response is systematically:

Advertisers do not give Facebook any users’ contact details. We only get such details in hashed form and they are, in any event, deleted within 48 hours. We are therefore not able to confirm what contact information an advertiser has for a particular user.

But looking at Facebook Business platform provides some details about what info is used in custom audiences targeting: email, phone number, first name, last name, city, state, country, date of birth, age & gender.

Oh, and Facebook claims that “its image recognition models could recognise human faces with 98% accuracy & that it could identify a person in one picture out of 800 million in less than five seconds.”

Here’s the issue: advertisers don’t so much concern me. Advertisers advertise to market to me so that they can make money. If they’re smart, they are only advertising to me if they think they have something that I will want to buy. No, the issue is that, with all of that information gathered, who else is getting access to it? Maybe you trust the current administration in Washington to not abuse this information, but what about the next administration? And what about all of the unelected government bureaucrats who have no incentive to not use and abuse your data for their own purposes?

Frankly, with the privacy violations of the NSA and the Patriot Act-type legislation, all of this information is simply dangerous to have in one place for a government (or hacker) to take and exploit. And, believe me, it will happen at some point.

So, for this reason, while you may never be able to get your information erased from Facebook’s records, you may want to consider deleting your account to ensure that they don’t get any more information about you.



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  • You can’t delete your Facebook account. When you supposedly “delete it”, all it does it make all your communication private – to Facebook and it’s advertisers. What you placed on Facebook is permanent and can never be removed.

    We’ve been trying to tell you this for years, but F it. If you idiots don’t want to listen..

    And incidentally, I’m an engineer in Silicon Valley – but nobody listens to us.

  • Facebook gave me a 30-day block because I posted a fact about Muslims. I gave Facebook the Koran Sura and a link to an article in the Munich, Germany newspaper supporting the fact that I posted. Facebook stood by their block. I replied, “Take Facebook and shove it up your a**es. Delete my page. I won’t be back”. And, I haven’t been back. Suckerbutt IS an elitist, one-world government idiot.

  • Because I do a lot of political work, I accepted a long time ago that between Facebook, Google, Verizon and Amazon, all is known about me. My choice.

  • Because I do a lot of political work, I accepted a long time ago that between Facebook, Google, Verizon and Amazon, all is known about me. My choice.

    Whatever is known about you will only be used against you in terms of blackmail.

    That’s why Dennis Hastert was the 51st Speaker of the United States House of Representatives for 7 years, and before that House Republican Chief Deputy Whip for 4 years, despite him being a pedophile.

    Once he stepped on the wrong toes, he was outed and was no longer protected and it was then he got prosecuted, but not for child molestation and rape, for financial transactions related to it.

    And if there’s nothing on you, the intelligence agencies will find something on somebody over you that pulls your strings anyhow.

    That’s your government, it’s just a mafia. You work for scum.

  • gee,most of facebook users are into fluffy articles,videos,memes etc. recipes even. i guess thats too much info about you. what can they possibly do with superficial junk?

  • If you spend your life never engaging in political discussions or taking sides in a political dispute or even considering running for office, there is probably little to worry about. I say “probably” because Facebook knows details of which you have no inkling about people who are connected to other people who you are connected to via cute kitty pictures, and by extension you are in danger of being guilty by association. But you’re probably safe. Most of us are. Most. But not all. Wanna role the dice?

  • Fill it with garbage and false information ……. stuff the files with all the junk you can

  • I understand the concept that you are warning about, but would we not also have to get rid of our cell phones and smart meters, smart appliances and credit/ATM cards?

  • Like I said, my choice. Certainly this isn’t for everybody. I no longer care about what happens to me, but I do care about the younger generations.

  • Like I said, my choice. Certainly this isn’t for everybody. I no longer care about what happens to me, but I do care about the younger generations.

    As long as you realize that reform of either party is useless. They are both the war and propaganda party.

    You want a better future? Be certain both the Democratic and Republican parties are completely destroyed.

  • You can delete your Facebook account completely:

    No, you can’t.

    Look, I feel tempted to say “trust me” – but I know plenty of people who worked for Facebook. The purpose of Facebook is to collect information on the entire public. Once you enter information there, it never can be removed, ever. You can delete YOUR access to it, but you can never delete Facebook’s access to it.

    You’re probably thinking “so what? it’s just advertisement”. No, it’s an outsourced Stasi.

    You ever notice that Mark Zuckerberg is SUPER paranoid about his privacy? Why do you think that is? This is an open secret here in Silicon Valley.

    Ever notice how engineers and techies like to make inside obscure jokes? Hey, why do you think Google’s holding company is now ALPHABET? Know what an alphabet agency is in today’s context? Any idea why they would chose the word “alphabet”.

    You’ll label people like me a paranoid conspiracy nut. What you don’t realize is that the most paranoid conspiratorial people in the world, are the people who run it.

  • and? use it for what purpose? seems like a bunch of so what? wasting time sneaking up on people who are doing nothing.

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