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Why You Need To Prepare For The Worst Now

Why You Need To Prepare For The Worst Now

People are having some very interesting responses to the new administration in the White House.

Some preppers are relaxing because they believe Donald Trump will bring more prosperity to the U.S. and help prevent an economic collapse. Still others who tend to lean more politically left are panicked and are starting to prep when they had not previously been doing so under the Obama administration.

Regardless of your political preferences, now is the time that you should be getting your house in order, both financially and in practical terms to be ready for a societal collapse. Why do I say this? Primarily because of the civil unrest that has been overflowing since Trump secured the election and which seems to be continuing now that he has taken office. Michael Snyder writes,

The election of Donald Trump was perhaps the single most galvanizing moment for the radical left in modern American history, and we have already seen that a single move by Trump can literally cause protests to erupt from coast to coast within 48 hours.  On Friday, Trump signed an executive order[…].  Within hours, protesters began to storm major airports, and by Sunday very large crowds were taking to the streets all over the country…[.]

Regardless of whether you agree with Trump’s executive order, people’s reactions to it have started to become scary and extreme. Times journalist India Knight is only one of many people calling for the assassination of Trump (others include a German newspaper editor and numerous everyday, non-journalist, folks).

As if that weren’t enough, new reports show that Americans spent more than they earned for the ninth straight month in a row. People are already flipping out for political reasons. What will happen when they can’t borrow more money than they are bringing in? Unlike the Federal government, individual Americans don’t have a Federal Reserve to write nearly unlimited loan checks to them to delay the collapse of their personal economies. What will happen then? It seems very likely that the unrest will get even worse.

So, to sum it up, you have:

  • journalists calling for the assassination of Trump
  • other journalists advocating violence to promote their political positions
  • anti-Trump protesters already rioting and injuring people and destroying property, and
  • economic trends that indicate a coming economic collapse

In other words, you have a recipe for a coming disaster.

Get ready now. Do what you have to do to get ready for this now. The life that you save may be your own.

How are you preparing for the coming disaster? Comment below.



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  • “No man knows what a day may bring,” but the way the world and nation are changing every day, the end may very well come soon. I’m still prepping, but my biggest concern is where I’ll go WTLGO (When The Lights Go Out). I don’t live near the mountains, large forests, or even even an all-weather stream. And I don’t believe that growing your own farm is the best thing to do, because that sets you in place where the “powers that be” can find you all to easily.

  • They been saying this for decades. I guess the end takes a looong time to play out and end with a BANG and this may be the whimper?

  • I’m being prepared with a handgun lots of ammo and a map of all the food stores in the tri-state area….

  • Who really cares????? I have nothing to lose. Lost it all at the last meldown. Sooo only the wealthy will lose… duh…

  • I have food supplies, water, medicines for both my wife and myself for several months, firearms, & ammo. We intend to stay put here on the edge of our small town. I have two metal, lined garbage cans that serve as Faraday cages. I’m as ready as I will ever be, I think!

  • It’s time to make the left FEAR YOU! That is not hard to do. You just don’t have to cower and they will run away.

    Yes, it’s that SIMPLE.

  • ANYONE who talks about assassinating the President, kidding or not, should at the very least be arrested, and put in jail…

  • Gotta get ready NOW, anything later might be too late….

    HEY!!! I’m talking to me, I don’t give a damn about you.

    But please take a message from that!

  • Those ideological assholes aren’t THAT easy to get rid of.

    How much better the world would be if those leftist assholes could be flushed….


    Damn, there went the water pressure.!!!!!

  • When Obama WAS president he threaten anyone that said anything about him. Remember how the secret service visited Ted Nugent over nothing.

  • people want to act and kill others because they dont have the capacity to formulate an argument against the ideas and thoughts of an opponent that has. as I readly profess my ignorences on many subjects I have developed and expanded my education by readingthe many posts. many who I dont agree with but because they present their view logicly I find I always learn something. conversly when attacked by many of the shallow minded having the talent for single word responses usually consisting of the many names unoriginal at best. I have seen my own weaknesses and strive to improve with responses I have verified to my best findings that are true. sadly as much research as I do I find many errors. We will never rid ourselves of the people who think that violence is the answer. to threaten a president should be prosecuted. ignorance or intent disregarded. My thanks to all who offer correction without the four letter responses.
    So say I

  • I hear you, Grampa! (I always wanted to say that having only met one of my grandfathers one time) I, too, have been doing much reading and studying, albeit probably different than you, and I find myself becoming stronger as a result. Unfortunately, I can never be prepared for any sudden changes because of serious health issues. If “society” decides to get rid of the elderly and infirm, I will exist no longer. So my strength comes from my faith. It’s all I have to rely on, but it’s the best thing of all.

  • what you must have to offer is something that even with infirmity makes you valuable.
    Education weighs nothing and the ability to use it we call wisdom is even more valuable. with civilizations end the ability to function or teach others to function will be a valuable resource. the younger people will need direction. anyone can read a book but few can put the words to actions. even the ability to sew will be of value when few actually know how. at seventy five I find it hard to function as well. I still show others my skills. half raised on a farm has taught me the pace it takes to do things right the first time. I have found that proper diet will help many ailments. my knees and shoulders suffered from the power tools then I read about adding different foods. didnt like most of them but my aches and pains were reduced. I had stomach problems that cleared up as well. now all I take is the pain medication for my back. try different things you may find something that works. we have many skills that require knowledge. you will find something because i see you dont give up easily.

  • remember how the FBI gassed & burned 86 in Waco Texas ? Shot a boy & his dog and his mother in Ruby Ridge Idaho ? The same FBI (& CIA) helped kill JFK. The same man that put the team together to kill JFK tried to kill Ronald Reagan in 1981. Amerika is the Evil Empire. Have faith & hope in the waste & fraud. The chaos is next on the globalist agenda. wise up !

  • the revolution will not be televised because the press will be the first to go……the other stupids will be next

  • there are far more good Americans than communist slime. if they try to take over by force they will have a very short life span.

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