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Why You May Want To Learn This Nearly Forgotten Method of Communication

Why You May Want To Learn This Nearly Forgotten Method of Communication

Communication can be a vital skill in an emergency situation. To communicate with those who can help you, who you can partner with, who have resources that you need to gain access to can all be key to your survival. Therefore, it makes sense to consider that less common methods of communication may be worth having in your toolkit of skills during difficult times.

Take, for example, Morse Code.

Why Morse Code? Because, simply put, it is not dependent on voice communication to communicate entire messages, full thoughts to another person who may be able to assist you. For example, if you do not have access to a telephone (yes, it is possible that you may not be able to use your mobile phone much less (Gasp!) your smart phone), then you may need to use flashlights or signal mirrors to communicate messages over a distance. Also, some handheld radios have Morse Code buttons to use for those communication patterns.

Gaye Levy presents some other types of situations in which Morse Code could be useful:

“Let’s go through these in order of statistical likelihood:

1. You have a stroke or are severely injured in an auto accident.  You can only move the toes of your right foot.  You can’t talk because you are intubated, and the doctors don’t know about a critical allergy you have.

2. You are out camping and your SUV runs off the road. The headlights are smashed, no one will see the hillside you’ve gone down and the car is lodged between several large boulders.  The rear hatch is smashed shut and you can’t find that emergency hammer.

3. You are flying an airplane under difficult conditions and you need to make sure you’ve tuned in to the right navigation beacon. But that’s on a map and bouncing around you’re not sure you can control the airplane and the radio navigation system safely under these conditions.

4. The end has finally happened and an EMP has taken down the power grid.  A few of your neighbors decide to use flashlights to set up a signal system to relay news and reports of intruders…but what light signals to use?

5. You’ve actually gotten your Technician Class ham license and on a bet with a friend, you want to make a Morse contact with someone on another continent.

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In each of these use cases, having a working knowledge of Morse Code makes a critical difference.”

Now, you may say, “Really, how likely are any of these things to happen?” Valid question. The answer is, fortunately, none of them are terribly likely to happen, just as it is unlikely that you will suddenly contract leprosy, but, if you are going to be prepared for survival in a disaster, Morse Code is much more likely to be useful to you than knowing how to solder your circuit board on your cell phone after an EMP attack.

You are preparing to be ready in case the worst happens. Communication could be the tool that helps you to survive.

What communication tools do you suggest having in your skill set in case of a disaster? Tell us below.

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