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Why Be a Vegetarian Prepper?

Why Be a Vegetarian Prepper?

Most preppers that I’ve come across are normal red-blooded Americans. What I mean by that, in this case, is that they like red meat in their diet (though they like their chicken and venison, too).

But have you considered that there may be benefits to not being animal-dependent if you’re in a survival situation?

Aside from the many health benefits that many attribute to a vegetarian diet (whether all vegetarian or one of varieties that allow fish or eggs and dairy), some long-term survival benefits may exist such as not having to learn additional skills of animal husbandry and animal care to continue the use of animals and their products. Especially for newer preppers, one less skill to learn means a shorter learning curve to get to a point where you can survive long-term.

Additionally, there is a certain ease in the lack of need to dedicate land specifically to animals and putting that land to other useful purposes, potentially reducing the land area needed to take care of you and your family.

Listen to these and a few other ideas in under a half-hour below (the prepper information starts at around the 6:00 mark). The source page is here.

What do you think: vegan or non-vegan? Tell us below.



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  • In a survival situation I doubt that most are going to worry too much if today’s meals are all vegetables and/or garden produce; and tomorrow’s (or next week’s) rations include meat, dairy, fish, whatever. Food will be food and if it is edible and goes in your tummy and provides energy – you’ll eat it and be glad to have it. Anyone who thnks they will be able to have Italian today, chinese tomorrow, and B-B-Q the day after, are likely to be sorely disappointed and probably won’t last long.

    The wise survivalist will be willing and glad to eat whatever is available.

  • I am basically a vegetarian prepper. Beans, rice, and corn are cheap and good source of calories and protein. I have lots of spices too.

  • Interesting question. You can do vegan with a fairly small plot, or animal with ten times that, which most people won’t have the luxury, or waste removal options, for. If you’re storing, the veg stuff will probably keep better. And possibly even more importantly, you’ll be vastly healthier to resist whatever the social irregularities throw at you. I went vegan years ago, and I consider myself a staunch second amendment-defending prepper. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, be smart, be ethical.

  • As a vegan I am so glad to see this article! It would be nice to see more like it, especially more information on edible “weeds”, trees and other not very well known edibles!

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