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Who Really Runs America?

Who Really Runs America?

As you know, there have, and still are, accusations that groups tried to steal the most recent Presidential election out of the hands of the American voters. The most popular narrative has been that the Russians stole the election from Hillary and gave it to Trump. But, when you dig deeper into what is going on, you have to ask yourself if some other group is actually running America.

Now, we’re not being conspiratorial here. We’re being quite serious and looking at factual analysis and information from people “in the know.” For example, many Americans know about that NSA’s spying on Americans, but most people don’t know that the FBI also spied on members of the Trump campaign (hat tip to here for the lead) before allegations of Russian tampering with the election were made to them.

Just to make this time line clear for you: the FBI is saying that they opened an investigation into the Trump campaign based on allegations that the Russians were helping his campaign to beat Hillary’s campaign. However, the newly leaked information indicates that the FBI were spying on the Trump campaign before any Russian allegations against his campaign came up.

In other words, they were spying without reason and, very possibly, for political purposes.

Why would I say that? Because the FBI seemed to assume that the Trump campaign was guilty of something instead of alerting the Trump campaign of concerns so that the campaign could prevent alleged manipulation. And, to be clear, the FBI is not supposed to take political sides. They’re job is as law enforcement, not political manipulation. Kristina Wong writes,

The [New York Times] story reveals the FBI — instead of alerting the Trump campaign that it might be a target of Russian influence operations — went to lengths to hide the investigation.

Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Q. Yates claimed in an interview with the Timesthat they did not want word of the investigation to leak and to impact the election.

“You do not take actions that will unnecessarily impact an election,” she said. (Instead, they secretly spied on the Trump campaign as mentioned above, via phone records, secret subpoenas, and at least one informant.)

The story downplays the actions of FBI agent Peter Strzok, who played a key role in the Clinton email and Trump campaign investigations.

The story claims that the FBI did not reveal eagerness to investigate Trump, citing one of Strzok’s text messages to FBI lawyer Lisa Page, with whom he was having an extramarital affair.

The Times quoted Strzok as texting Page with, “I cannot believe we are seriously looking at these allegations and the pervasive connections.” In reality, he had texted Page “OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE WE ARE SERIOUSLY LOOKING AT THESE ALLEGATIONS AND THE PERVASIVE CONNECTIONS.”

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway, who has reported on the FBI’s investigation in depth, called the Times’ report “an attempted whitewash” of FBI behavior.

The FBI’s strategy seems to have been to assume that the Trump campaign was guilty and then try to catch them instead of the whole innocent before proven guilty idea. Why would they do that? Well, if you’ve read some of the news on this Russia investigation, there have been many allegations of partisanship on the part of the investigators instead of those investigators trying to be impartial in their job.

Why would they do that? Maybe the FBI was trying to influence an election. Maybe allegations of an unelected “deep state” that actually runs things regardless of what the American people want is true.

Maybe the truth is that the bureaucrats in our government work for their own purposes and not for ourselves. This is not the kind of government that will look out for your interests or for the good of your children, and you may want to consider ways to get out from under the government’s thumb.

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