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When Food Is A Crime

When Food Is A Crime

Food is basic to survival. That seems clear. And being able to sell food is a most basic part of our economy in that people need to eat, and people can earn a living by providing for this need.

Which is exactly why some governments want to control food.

For some governments, it’s about controlling the populace completely by controlling the food supply. This is more common in an openly totalitarian situation such as the Soviet Union under Stalin. For other more “enlightened” governments, they want to control the money. Frankly, in Gibraltar, Wisconsin, you have to wonder which of these is their motivation in their attack on the Hadraba family. gives us details:

“White Cottage Red Door just wants to sell burgers and barbecue on its own property from a state and county-approved food truck,” crusading attorney Milad Emam said. Emam contends the town is trying to protect the monopoly of local brick and mortar restaurants by enforcing county zoning regulations.

Even though Hadraba paid for a Wisconsin state mobile restaurant license and a county zoning permit, he faces a $500 a dollar fine every time he fires up the grill because for him… selling burgers is a crime. On the first day, Hadraba tried selling burgers the town constable shut him down -even though he had the licenses. When the Gibraltar Town Board found out that Hadraba was not violating zoning regulations, it passed an ordinance banning all food truck sales.

“The ordinance has one purpose: economic protectionism,” Andrew Wimer, the Assistant Director of Communications at the Institute for Justice wrote. “The board’s chairman; who voted for the ordinance, owns a restaurant just 2 miles down the road. Also, the former board member who pushed the county to revoke White Cottage – Red Door’s zoning permit last fall works at another local restaurant in town.”

The Institute is a non-profit legal group that has taken Hadraba’s case. Emam works for the Institute.

Funny, I thought that we lived in a free country and that our government worked for the benefit of the people that they “represent.” I suppose that I was wrong about that.

Of course, I’m speaking with tongue firmly planted in cheek. This use of the government gun to force people to do what they want is par for the course from people who crave power, and these are people that we need to resist if we want to maintain freedom for both ourselves and our families.

This maintaining of your own freedom to care for your family is one reason that you need to prepare yourself for survival situations because, if someone else controls your freedom or your food, then they control your life.



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  • The government is supposed to be there to serve their electorate not bully them and yet here we are. All of those town officials mentioned in the above article who own or run competing businesses and are in back of all the harassment and intimidation should be recalled, prosecuted, and jailed. A perfect example of government getting too big for it’s britches. In this case I would love to see all the guilty parties held accountable as I hate bullies and would be tickled pink to see that happen.

  • This is about abuse of power and cronyism. This is NOT what our government is about. This kind of stuff works in Russia or any COMMUNIST TURD world country.

    These two guys should be fired. It’s about giving people CHOICES and CHANCES. This is abuse of the office.

  • Can you say “CONFLICT of INTEREST”?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Those 2 need to be removed from office for using their office for PRIVATE PROFIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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