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What Your Biggest Problem Will Be When the SHTF Will Shock You

What Your Biggest Problem Will Be When the SHTF Will Shock You

When people think about SHTF situations, they often think about food and water. Sometimes they will think a little farther ahead and think about medications and medical supplies. But, especially if you are in an urban area, food and water may not be your most pressing concerns. What will be your most pressing concern?


Yes, gangs. Why? Because in a true crisis situation, gangs are already organized to some extent and willing to take violent action to get what they want. This is true in every major city in America, and a crisis situation will both take away law enforcement’s ability control the situation and also make these gang members more dangerous.

Think about it: a heroin junkies need for the drug causes them to lose moral restraint. Gangs have already lost moral restraint (you’ve seen the news stories about gang wars); it won’t take much to push them to use violence against their fellow man to get food and water.

Ken Jorgustin says,

“People living in cities, or even the immediate population-dense suburbs, will be subjected to a very cruel and unusual environment. They will be HIGHLY at risk from foraging gangs.”

In other words, if you live in an urban area, you had better be ready to defend yourself and your family because the gangs will be coming for you and your supplies. Prepare now.

What do you think: Are gangs the big threat in an urban SHTF situation or is it something else? Tell us below.

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