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What To Grow If You Run Out Of Seeds

What To Grow If You Run Out Of Seeds

Imagine a horrible situation: a SHTF event happens tomorrow, and you are completely unprepared for your long-term food supply. Sure, you can hunt, and, if you are a proponent of the zero carb diet, maybe this will work for you, but not everyone wants to live on meat and water alone. Some of us actually like our veggies. So, what to do?

Answer: Grow your own from your kitchen scraps.

Yes, I’m serious. Fortunately, a number of vegetables can germinate from your kitchen scraps without you needing to have a seed base to work from which means that you can get a garden growing with a little water, sunlight, sometimes dirt, and ingenuity.

So, what can you grow this way? Here’s a short list of options for you:

  1. Lettuce or cabbage: You’ll need the heart of the lettuce or cabbage, a bowl, some water, and some sunlight. Put the heart in a bowl with about 1/2 inch of water and let it sit sunlight for three or four days, and it will start sprouting. Replace the water every few days because it will start to smell. Once harvested, just repeat the process.
  2. Scallions and green onions: Cover the white base in water and put it on a windowsill in sunlight. This one takes about a week to sprout. You’ll want to replace the water every few days. Just repeat this process when you want more of these.
  3. Onions: Using the onion’s root section, follow the directions in #2 above. Once the bulb has grown back, transfer this into a big pot of soil to finish growing.
  4. Celery: Put an inch or two in a jar of water in a sunny area. Replace the water regularly. You’ll have growth which you can harvest within a few weeks.
  5. Garlic: This may be the easiest one of all. Plant one garlic clove root down in soil, and put it where it can get sunlight. The whole plant will regrow.
  6. Ginger: Plant a fresh piece of ginger root nubbins down partially covered in soil. Put it in indirect sunlight, keep the soil moist, and give it about two weeks.

There are other plants that are easy to regrow, too, such as bean sprouts, but you get the idea, and now you can start a garden without seeds.

What other vegetables do you grow without seeds. Comment below.

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