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Which State Is Taking the Lead in Opposing the Federal Police State?

Which State Is Taking the Lead in Opposing the Federal Police State?

God bless Texas. The people of that state have consistently had the conviction to stand by their principles and oppose an overreaching Federal government when other parts of the country seem to want to lie down and let the tanks run over them.

For example, hundreds of people in Texas have organized in a “Counter Jade Helm” operation to keep an eye on U.S. troops and law enforcement as they train for urban warfare situations that many fear are simply training for martial law in the United States.

This is a step in the right direction. After all, the news media is banned from monitoring Jade Helm activities, and, frankly, I doubt we would get an honest portrayal of the situation from a media that is consistently pro-big government and anti-liberty.

Former Marine Pete Lanteri organized the operation to monitor Jade Helm’s activities. He said,

“We’re going to be watching what they do in the public[…]. Obviously on a military base they can do whatever they want. But if they’re going to train on public land we have a right as American citizens to watch what they’re doing.”

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Even with these steps in the right direction to keep the government accountable to the people, I recommend that you have your survival plans and bug out bag ready. You never know when it really will hit the fan.

What do you think about this “Counter Jade Helm?” Are they crazy or is it about time? Sound off below.

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  • We should all follow Texas’ example. Maybe they should post videos of the military exercises on the internet so we can get a better understanding of how the military will force us into concentration camps.

  • It’s about time. The Feds are nothing without the support of the Republic, and all the soldiers are doing is what they were commanded to do. The pretender in chief has changed out many of our commanding officers with those of questionable character in the Pentagon. It is inevitable that a face off is coming and the further intrusion of what we enjoyed as Americans will disappear. Either the people will stand against this tyrannical administration or become no more than targets for their constituents and a commodity to be abused and traded off. Over 3 million illegals from Mexico have criminal backgrounds, and those sent here from the east because of so called oppression are no more than religious extremists. We are already set up for a Civil War. The question remains – how many will arise, run away, or just sell out to the lies of a new world order? And what will be the signs that shall follow the collapse of the Western world? It will occur but how it will turn out is the greatest and final mystery.

  • For those who might think that it would be to difficult to get soldiers to think that the citizens are enemies of the state, you are not right. Thinking back to my time in basic training for the Air Force, and our class on rumors and propaganda, we had been cut off from all outside news sources. We had grown accustomed to what we heard from our trainers was the truth. Take people now, young or older soldiers who believe the military is always going to tell them what they need to know, and you have men and women that are going to do exactly as they were told to do. Those who feel that the government might use any plausible excuse to enact martial law are those best prepared. It has become clear that our government wants to set up a situation where all freedoms can be taken away, for the greater good. The greater good, however, might very well be complete control over everything that we do. Why, because they want that power over people, and are afraid of free thinkers, and what they could do to resist the federal control of the people. Power happy people who only see their way as the only right way will do anything to obtain what they want.

  • Every one knows that “Jade Helm 15” is the prelude to marshal law.If you don’t think
    it is even remotely possible,then you have your heads buried in the sand.
    Every one in the south and the south west need keep there eyes open and watch what they are doing.Marshal law WON’T happen if Barack Obama is taken to court
    by either Judicial Watch or the ACLJ.Barack has 77 CRIMINAL COUNTS against him.
    ONE of the 77 counts against him,and I have read ALL 77 counts against him,will
    put him in prison for LIFE without the possibility of parole.I am pushing Judicial Watch
    to get him into court on just that 1 CHARGE and make it stick,to get rid of his LOUSY
    SOCIALIST ASS.I am also pushing the ACLJ to do the same.Both are ALSO in the process of putting THAT BITCH,Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill in prison for
    crimes against the country,WHICH they have PROOF OF.So we won’t have to worry about SOCIALIST Obama conspiring against the country and calling MARSHAL LAW
    because a Republican or Conservative was elected to the White House.But until
    them,STAY ALERT and watch the “Jade Helm 15” exercise.WATCH EVERYTHING THEY DO,TRACK THERE EVERY MOVE,AND STAY VIGILANT.If we watch their
    every move we will know there plan of attack.

  • They will use any excuse that they can find. People tend to be obedient to authority. It could be a state of emergency because of a disease put in our water, it could be just a drill that does not end, it could be an act of war, so we would be told, by another country, or solar flare, or any of a number of other situations that are not true, but who has the information to refute them? Distrust of oour government is being considered by many. The most vocal might well be the first ones weeded out. If “you” can think of something that they might try to do, most likely, you are right. My opinion, I would put it past no one to set off a small nuke some where to frighten the people. It might just be a faked news article, or the real thing. Remember 1 thing, Putin threatened to put oout pictures of 9/11. What does Russia have of that event? If Putin was willing to do that, is it not possible that what we were told happened, and by whom, is not true?

  • Hi Sabrina. I knew Texas would be the state taking the lead in resisting the Police State before even clicking on the story…but we are far from being out of the woods. As State Director of Project Freedom USA (PFUSA) I am helping to organize and revitalize the TRUE Texas State Militia — i.e., the well regulated Militia of We The People (of Texas) called for by the Constitution. Here in Texas, once our constitutional Militia is revitalized, we will outnumber the USArmy by 15:1. This will be a message not only to the traitors in the District of Corruption but also to our governor and state legislators in Austin that Texans will no longer tolerate any similar JADE HELM “exercises” in the future. WTP will get rid of the Federal Reserve and stop the IRS from intimidating and harassing law abiding Texans. But I need help to spread the word around Social Media. Please visit my PFUSA website and use the “Contact” form to reach me “TexasGovernor”. I’m facilitating the education of American patriots nationwide on what they can do to revitalize their state militias whose powers were surreptitiously taken away in 1903.

  • All the signs are out there for everyone to see that we are heading into a police state: 1. a president who doesn’t think he is restrained by our constitution, 2. a massive, unresponsive bureaucracy, 3. a supreme court that knows nothing about liberty safeguards in the constitution, and 4. a citizenry that is dumb as a box of rocks regarding their own rights.

    Grab your bonnet. It’ll be a bumpy ride.

  • Yes GOD BLESSED TEXAS ! No one in my family was born here but we got here as fast as we could and will die here.BEST state and we have lived in many states and no where but Texas has ever felt like home ! Now Grandkids were our first born in Texas.

  • “A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined. But they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.” George Washington

  • Every State should be watching what is going on with Jade Helm. This is unprecedented in American history, and our Government is not allowed to put our troops on our soil against it’s citizens, but nothing Obama does has any precedence. His comment the other day in Kenya was very telling when he said, ” I am not going to hand over my keys to the White House to just anyone” what does that mean. It is not HIS HOUSE, IT IS THE AMERICAN PEOPLE”S HOUSE. I don’t think he has any intention on leaving. He is a dictator wannabe, and I would never put anything past him. He is a wicked and evil man.

  • Who started all of this? Wasn’t it after 9/11? The Patriot Act was enacted? Every Bush supporter said not to worry, if you didn’t have anything to hide let the Government search. After all they were looking for ts of our freedoms were taken away. terrorists to keep us safe. I wasn’t scared of terrorists I was scared of my government illegally checking on its citizens. Our Forefarher’s were turning in their graves. What a bunch of Wimps. We shouldn’t have had to allow the Patriot Act to take place. President Bush told us to go on about our days and show the terrorists they didn’t win, but they did when the Patriot Act and TSA became part of our lives, par

  • I just talked to a young man who told me that he or acquaintances have seen a trainload of military vehicles on the move. I asked if he had seen any personnel, he answered “yes”. Then I asked if he had seen any UN patches, and he had not, or at least could not see any from the distance he was at.
    I feel a little better knowing that some good people are watching this closely.
    Do you think they would accept me in the militia at age 77?

  • If your triger finger works you’ll do. Hell in the group I was in I’ve we had a 80 yr old brother training with us. So I for one would be honored if you joined any state militia group.
    Thanks and God bless,
    FL Salty Cracker.

  • The dirt bag list is way much longer than those you mentioned, the legislative & judicial branches along with all the unconstitutional and criminal agencies run afoul just doing their jobs as commanded by the upper level gangsters need to brought to halt, for their deeds are not in pursuance thereof to the Constitution.

  • This Jade Helm is a Psy OP people. They are gathering information to be used against us in the near future for the real thing. I say we need to be as silent as possible to screw their info gathering as much as possible. Us US Snail mail for important information swaps. It is a known fact that they are watching ever key stroke and email of “listed” subjects. Be aware and awake.

  • Galveston1, it’s dot org but it won’t pop up under PFUSA. You can put “Project Freedom USA” into a search engine and it should be the first link listed. To prevent spammers, it seems to be SOP for “Comments” sections of articles to prevent posters to actually put the website url. So you have the option of either going the search engine route or putting Project Freedom USA dot org all together and it should come up. Of course, once you have it you can bookmark it.

  • Jade Helm is Obama’s way of saying he will do what ever to control the people of the USA. This is what he wants to do prior to enacting his Martial Law plan and ruin the USA. You really do not think he is going to let there be a election, do you?? He says he is leaving at the end of his term now he is saying a 3rd term. And if he enacts Martial Law there will only his term. You better wake up for the end of the USA is down the road. After that you have the MCC which has been his plan from day one. Bye-Bye USA and hello MCC (MUSLIM COMMUNIST COUNTRY). Been waring you about this for over 4 years now and you wont listen. He has the flags make up and all. So IF you do not get off your rear ends and stay on the phine, fax, e-mail or whatever to your Congress person every day 2, 3, 4 times a day and get them to stand up to him this is what will happen. The choice is yours.

  • Never, ever have thought that he will hand over the keys peacefully and ride the big bird home to Hawaii so he can just play golf and entertain Hollywood elite for the rest of his life.

  • And unfortunately your number 4 isn’t limited to just not knowing one’s rights.

    I’d take the box of rocks before I’d take the majority of the population into my confidence on anything.

  • I hope Arizona (and all other states) will follow Texas in resisting this oligarchican government.
    Obama (as he promised) has nearly completed his destruction of America.
    That is what Obama’s “fundamental transformation” means.
    Will we stop that destruction and restore our democratic republic?

  • Yes, Texans do have some leaders who have brought abuse and shame, but the Bushes were not the first. Maybe Lyndon Johnson wasn’t the first, but it’s a safe bet that he was complicit in Kennedy’s murder, then promptly got rid of the silver backed currency which was starting to replace Federal Reserve notes. The problems started in earnest in 1913 with the Fed.

  • From what I’ve gathered from former military personnel, Jade Helm has been “on the books” since Carter!

  • Glad Texas is taking this serious, I mentioned this some time back about shadowing their movement… God bless Texas and the United States.

  • I agree with you. The issue today is, so many have been brainwashed by the media, and the fear of being sought after by the authorities for having a weapon. America has been, and still is a very secluded country. We do not get world news, straight from the source. You could drop most European countries in Texas, and they would have room to rattle within the state boundaries. We are very isolated. So much so that we have little clue as to what goes on in other countries. We are told by the news media what they want us to hear, and nothing more. Because of our isolation, we expect to hear what we believe to be the truth, and it isn’t. The swill that we get from those who want to be in control have us believing that only the police and military should be armed. To prove their point, they sensationalize various events to lead people away from what is true. When was the last time ANY school child was taught what is in the constitution, much less what the “Founding Fathers” had to say on various subjects, as you just pointed out from George Washington. The elite of the colleges and universities, and others pile on top of such things to argue them away. Most people swallow their swill because they tend to say that these people have the best education. Maybe they do, but I disagree with them, and apparently, so do you. The people need to stand up to these intellectual bullies, and ignore them.

  • Politicians have used national tragedy to enact the drastic civil liberty-killing changes that they want since long before 9/11. All that will be needed for martial law is one tragic lynchpin event, probably conveniently in the vicinity of where Jade Helm is being executed.

  • Art, help me put the Militia together in Texas. We would outnumber USArmy by 15:1. Facebook Nicholas Landholdt or visit the Project Freedom USA dot org website. Fill out our “Contact” and in the “Comments” section simply mention you want to communicate with “TexasGovernor” and leave your info with best times to call. God’s waiting for us to man up and restore the Constitution which millions have sworn an oath to God to defend but are instead trying to destroy by collaborating with the Police State.

  • Like your comment color scheme. The comments are just about unreadable.

    Funny – no mention of support for Prohibition. Lots of folks on the right support a police state. As long as it is the Right kind.

  • ” It has become clear that our government wants to set up a situation
    where all freedoms can be taken away, for the greater good. The greater
    good, however, might very well be complete control over everything that
    we do.”

    You musta missed Drug Prohibition.

    They don’t need excuses. They have several. Already in operation. With thunderous applause from the population. For 100 years.

    The DEA SWAT Teams look exactly like jack booted thugs because they are jack booted thugs. And soon they will be out of work. Who will be their next target?

    All brought to you by people who think making war on your bad habits is a really good idea. It is beyond left/right.

  • I’m no spring chicken myself;I’m a disabled vet, but I figure a militia can use an old Corpsman (Hospital that is). I hope. I can’t walk very far, but I can work on anyone brought to me and help a real doctor, or given the gear I can keep a lot of folks alive who wouldn’t stay that way without help. It’s interesting that I just recently realized that I HAVE to move out of this house: too big a yard and too old a house to care for anymore. And of all places, I decided I needed to go home to Texas where I’m from (been in Oregon for 20 years or so), and visit some family I’ve not seen in too long. I LIKE what Texas is doing, by the way!

  • Johnson worked for himself first, and THAT meant he worked for the “elites”. He had prior warning about the Kennedy Assassination, and he cheered it on. He HATED JFK because of humiliating him with his handling of the “Bay of Pigs”. Like the vast majority of American political leaders since WWII, Johnson was chosen by the “elites” and he knew where his FIRST loyalties had damned well BETTER lie! I don’t believe we’ve had many real leaders at ALL who weren’t tools of the insane, Luciferian bankster “elites” since WWII, and those same “elites” started THAT war as a profit-making scheme – as well as to grab off more control.

    The Central Banking System and its’ owners is where our greatest danger lies! They truly ARE insane, every damned ONE OF ‘EM! Per confessions of some family members who tried to get out, or did manage it, at least for a time, they raise their children based on the torture techniques that the Roman Catholic Church has known since the Middle Ages tortures they indulged in; that has been filtered and refined by MK Ultra, and that’s how people like the Bushes are raised: sexual torture from infancy on, and other mind-control.

    There’s an EXCELLENT video by a woman who escaped that conditioning – with help, of course. Her name is Cathy O’Brien – the video is

    Things like THIS is what “elites” go through, but they grow up and then get to torture others. THAT is what’s been in charge of this country for FAR too long!

    Be warned: it’s VERY GRAPHIC.

  • Thanks. I read the material and left my info.
    I also forwarded the link to about everyone on my email list.

  • We have all heard that God loves medics. In the event that things got hot your services would be invaluable. We are all in this together and anything that any of us can do to help the cause will be sorely needed.

  • Texas is on the ball.But I would bet that most of the military will NOT fire on the folks If ordered to.
    The elected (trators) need to be in front of a brick wall tied to a 4by6 post.

  • Here is something else to consider. Who taught these so called “intellectuals” ??
    Who taught those who taught, etc. etc. etc. You get the picture, I’m sure. Every generation of those so called ‘Intellectuals” pass along the garbage that was taught to them and then add some of their own crap. The second amendment isn’t even being taught in schools today because it does not go along with the liberal agenda. I live on a corner and the school bus stop is right on that corner. I fly the Gadsden flag right below the national flag. Many is the time I have had a student waiting for the bus ask me what that flag is. That now becomes education times.
    Texas be warned……When the SHTF, this Arizonan is moving to Texas. I’ve been a LEO, a Firefighter and an EMT and I can still drive anything with wheels, along with several other things accomplished in my 83 years. I still shoot and can put the lead where it counts.

  • Here is something else to consider. Who taught these so called “intellectuals” ??
    Who taught those who taught, etc. etc. etc. You get the picture, I’m sure. Every generation of those so called ‘Intellectuals” pass along the garbage that was taught to them and then add some of their own crap. The second amendment isn’t even being taught in schools today because it does not go along with the liberal agenda. I live on a corner and the school bus stop is right on that corner. I fly the Gadsden flag right below the national flag. Many is the time I have had a student waiting for the bus ask me what that flag is. That now becomes education times.
    Texas be warned……When the SHTF, this Arizonan is moving to Texas. I’ve been a LEO, a Firefighter and an EMT and I can still drive anything with wheels, along with several other things accomplished in my 83 years. I still shoot and can put the lead where it counts.

  • I hate to admit it but you have a point. For the last 20-30 years the government schools have been graduating nitwits that can’t read, write, spell, or do simple math problems. They also can’t think. Parents, get your kids into private, religious, or home schools. Government schools are a form of child abuse.

  • The drug laws are an excuse for government to grab more power. The war on drugs will never be won because there is too much money to be made and power to be had.

  • Since the army is now going black, the troops could be brainwashed to believe it is a race war.

  • They tend to see their way of doing things as the right way. Back in the 80’s, my stepson went to a John Birch society camp. When his mother and I went to get him, he was talking to us about how the government wants to control education. it boiled down to, make the common students little more than robots. One job, that is all they get, and it is all that they know. The more intelligent kids are also weeded out to be managers and other control officers of the corporations, or the state. We see this in part, if not in total by the way most people live their lives. Get up in the morning, go to work, come home, a little time with the tube, to bed, and repeat. They seldom take the time to consider what they are doing.
    As far as 20 to 30 years ago, for dumbing down the kids, go back to the 70’s. I was at a base in South Carolina. I and 3 others were given the task to write welcome letters to new people coming from their technical school to our squadron. I sat down, and wrote my letter. My fellow enlisted members wore a path to the dictionary to look up simple 1 or 2 syllable words. It has gotten worse since then.

  • Did you happen to see the movie, “Super 8”? The empty the town exercise by starting a fire, Simplistic though it may have been, it gives an idea of what and how the government could empty a town. Better yet, scare the c**p out of others by setting off a bomb, and of course causing confusion and riot, or starting a fire in several high rise apartment buildings, such as a low rent or slum areas, such as New York, or other major city, and you have a frightened population, that will do as they are told to do.

  • If the governor does not take your side, you’ll be branded as enemies of the state. One method to destroy your power would be to divide to conquer. Be very careful in what you do, and how you do it. Texas is host to several military bases, and I can assure you that Kelly Air Force Base next to Lackland, AFB could be revitalized, almost over night. Combat Air controllers could be flown in, or dropped in to reopen the airfield. There are other military bases, such Killeen Army Base, while Randolph is primarily used for personnel work, I am sure there is an active airfield there. Even if there is not, it has other facilities that a force would need, and use. There is the Army base where medical students are taught, Fort Sam Houston, in San Antonio. My point, Texas is full of military bases that could put your group out of action, almost over night, and not bat an eye lash doing it. Texas is also surrounded by other states with useful bases, in use, or mothballed, that could be put to use, quickly. Nice bravado, but you need psychiatrists as well. People who know how to reverse the brain washing. Get the military backing, and you might have a chance.

  • Kerry: Robert Welch had it right but the left controlled the press and smeared the JBS. I’m 76 and when I went to school they did not consider passing you because they might hurt your feelings. Kids now days want every thing handed to them

  • We’re in a police state…most sheeple don’t know it b/c they are…well…sheeple. Anyone who wants to take back the country can Facebook me. Or, y’all can keep being sheeple.

  • Ollie, you are a bit older than I am. I am 63. The kids today are finding out the hard way that being given a free ride through high school does them little good when they hit the nasty now, and now where you earn your keep, or you are not kept. The cruel thing is that they have a government that bails them out, as we know, and makes the hard working people pay their way. In reference to obamacare, there is one thing nobody has thought of. Start a business, put everything in the business name, incorporate it, and on paper, show that the corporation only pays a minor stipend to you, putting you below poverty. Your company might be worth millions, but the corporation is seen as a “person”, legally. If this “person” is only giving you $5000 a year to live on, I believe you would qualify for obamacare It would have to be done very carefully, but with lawyers that one could trust, you are just to poor to buy medical insurance. The point is, if free care is to be given to anyone, then the corporation victims should not be left out. For others reading this, the idea of a corporation is, own nothing, personally, but control everything. The tax laws were written for people to do this. Anyone, IF they are careful, can look poor, but be worth millions.

  • Catman, Alabama might be a haven as well, at least south of Montgomery. Maxwell AFB has a nice airfield. At this time, when I am on Maxwell AFB on Civil Air Patrol business, I feel safer. Anyway, you bring up an interesting point about the Gadsden purchase. For all of the ignorant Mexicans who do not know just how good it is for them in America, If they want Arizona back, then they should buy back that purchase, plus pay for all refinements on the land. They should also pay for it, as our government did, in gold, at the value of gold, then. That should refill Ft. Knox, and have much more left over.

  • Mike, you haven’t been paying attention. If you’ve watched some of the YouTube videos, the military is being conditioned to take on American rioters. Also, many of the military types are getting out. The jailbirds, illegals and sodomites, as well as no too intelligent types who can’t get jobs are in the military grabbing bonuses as incentives to join up. Go to Project Freedom USA dot org and ask for me. I’m organizing the constitutional Militia. It’s our only way out of the Police State.

  • Been through Alabama numerous times when I was piloting an 18 wheeler around the U.S. Great people, beautiful state but that humidity isn’t exactly my cup of tea, so to speak. Guess one could get used to it though. Hell, I got used to the heat in Arizona’s southern part, (Tucson).

  • Yes I have you take there kin out front of there house and treat them like they treat other people
    they are also fit for the 4 by 6 post end of story (will check your site

  • I am a vet and therefor do not have to enroll in PinocchioCare. Vets enrolled in a VA medical care program meet the “minimum essential coverage” requirements under PinocchioCare. Your idea sounds good on paper but the gutless wonders in congress would probably find a way to short-circuit it. We are fighting for our life, and make no mistake about it, President Pinocchio is trying his best to be a dictator. If any Council on Foreign Relations (pushing for a one world government) member or traitor becomes president we can kiss our tails goodbye. The CFR controlled media is definitely pushing a Hillary vs Jeb race. Both are CFR members and traitors to this country. I was really surprised to learn that Mike Huckabee, Newt Ginrich, Ann Colter, and Mitt Romney are also members along with Dick Cheney, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Michael Hayern, John Kerry, Charles Krauthammer, John McCain, David Petraeus, Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice. We are surrounded by these traitors.

  • I was born and raised in SAntonio. I’m aware Texas is full of federal military basis. We’re going to be public and raise awareness of the Federal Police State we are in. Time is running out.

  • Your being from San Antonio was not known. Getting the word out to the people is a good thing. Properly done, and I am sure it will be, it should make a dramatic difference.

  • I’m in west Texas now, Kerry. But if I don’t see the support I need from the people who need to show it, then unfortunately it won’t happen. Only b/c what I’ll be saying will stir the pot so much that people will be doing doubletakes. I’m putting my neck on the chopping block promoting the Militia b/c at this point force is the only things the Money Lenders fear. If you don’t have muscle to back up your plans, then it’s just hot air. But organizing muscle is going to make ears perk up and they will do whatever is necessary to stop you. We’ll see what God wills. I consider Christians the biggest publicly hypocritical group on the planet and if God wants to chastise them, then He probably won’t permit me to succeed. To that all I can say is “Deo gratias.”

  • It’s the movie Shooter being played out in real life. To quote the movie, “If any one of them betrays the principles of wealth and power, they are cut out.” Rand, Mike, and Ted will never get beyond where they are now because they do not hold to those principles. Hence, they don’t get in.

  • Its a sad state of affairs when Americans band together mentally to SURVIVE as those in power have taken the stand we “work for them”. If Uv not seen the 1966 Movie “Time Machine”, well the last 10 min is a near-carbon copy what we’re being fed by “The Group”. Very few people take this seriously but it is a political cancer-of-sorts and the cure must come from within, true American patriots. . When the Pres counter-compares American patriotic views on Security,as akin to the IRANIAN hard-liners..
    The circle is getting tigher, “the cheese is getting binding…” Hope’s on the way!

  • I’ll second that, ” God Bless Texas.” I don’t know if the rest off the States have all ready drank the CoolAid or what, including my home state. Let’s just say the Southeast. I know theres a very large amount off people playing poker, keeping their cards close to their chest. I’m the same way to a point. I hope I’m not fooling myself in thinking that when the time comes we will all be more like Texas and the other 2 or 3 states that have their guard up. This not Friday night bingo, the stakes are just a bit higher. Keep the pressure on our state elected. Know where your local Sheriff and PD stand, are they good or have they partaken of the CoolAid themselves.Know where you stand and who stands with you.

  • I’ll tell ya what, all this school stuff started back in the late 1800’s, no joke. Government and movers and shakers from then till now figured out it was easier to change a child than an adult set in their ways. From the influx of immigrants they had these think tanks and it would surprise you to find out that a lot of the people that made up these think tanks where socialist from Europe. They had no allegiance to the US what so ever. Their directive was how best to change the mind set with the lest resistance and impact on society. They know it would take generations to work itself out but they needed the time to get their Master Plan into place. Well guess what ? It’s Bingo time. Prepare to defend yourself or, well you the rest. Like they say in Asia, “Rots of Ruck.”

  • Training to control the population? What could possibly be wrong with that? I mean, if they ever need to then they’ll be ready…..wait a minute! Who is the decider?

  • I’m a Technologist (computers, networks, communications, etc.) just retired at 62 looking for part time work. Computers are now invaluable in the field. I’m from the Coastal Bend of Texas thinking of joining the State Guard, or a militia. I’m prior AF Avionics.

  • There never was a war on drugs because the people in charge of the”War”, were the same people who made the most money from the drug trade.
    The only ones you see in the news getting incarcerated for drugs are either the users, or the low level dealers. When a so called “King Pin” is brought in, it’s because they tried to buck the tiger, and go off on their own.

  • What is truly needed are infiltrators, those who are in the military, stationed on those bases, and who are not indoctrinated to the socialist mindset. In that way, when they get the order to fire on patriotic civilians, they can throw a monkey wrench into the operation.

  • These days, school children will learn more about the Russian Revolution, Cuba, and leftist guerrillas than they will about the American Revolution, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or the Founders.

  • I have recently heard that the public schools no longer hold students to correct spelling and that it is now policy. I was told that they adopted this policy because it is felt that it hurt the students self-esteem if they are penalized for incorrect spelling. I had always wondered why so many young adults can not spell some of the most common words. Does anyone know if this is the case?

  • You have about twenty years on me, but I’ll be right there beside you. Also, don’t count out those of us who are just to the North of Texas. We may be opponents on the gridiron, but when the chips are down we are Texans at heart.

  • The gun-grabbers want to take citizens guns to minimize resistance when martial law is implemented but they will never get Texas citizens guns. Since they can’t get everyones guns they are trying to buy up all the ammo and making it ridiculously expensive for the public. Fear the government that fears your guns.

  • There is an old saying “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. Bush may have had good intentions when he gave us the patriot act, but he didn’t take into account what could be done with it by by someone like Hussein Obozo.

  • He WAS home when he made that statement. I have NEVER believed the socialist lie that he was born in Hawaii. His own grandmother and aunt said he was born in Kenya, you never heard anything from either of them again.
    I’m sure I would be considered a”birther” by the socialists, but what better way to silence nonbelievers than to label them as”conspiracy nuts”?

  • Although I was born in Oklahoma, most of my family was from East Texas. Many of the people in Oklahoma had their origins in Texas. If push comes to shove, most of us will be right on the front lines with you.

  • Forgive me for being a correctionist, but it’s “Martial” law, as in “Military”, not “Marshal”

  • I think this Marine, is a logical thinking person. To completely ignore this “training,” and go about business as usual, would be rather stupid.
    I, for one, have had my concerns about j h, since I started realizing the potential, for abuses. In my opinion, there are too many pieces of the puzzel, that are coming togther, not to have concerns. I E, ndaa, nsa overreach, drone technology, the u n small arms treaty, and what about these fema camps? Have you seen the 3-tiered boxcars, equipped with shackles? What about all the plastic fema coffins? Am I concerned? ABSOLUTELY!

  • There are some videos posted, mostly on facebook, but the m s m, is completely avoiding the very mention of this “training.”

  • Obummer doesn’t necessarily have to remain in the White House to maintain control, and truthfully, he’s just a puppet anyway. It’s the elitists who are actually in control, and they WILL use every means at their disposal to make sure that it’s their pick who gets elected.
    War is coming to America, count on it, and we have to remain vigilant, and be ready for it.
    Any law that circumvents the Constitution, or any of the Bill of Rights is illegal and therefore we don’t have to follow them, only the sheeple will do so.
    I would rather die standing up for what the Founders intended, than on my knees for what the PC crowd has in store for us.

  • I hope you are wrong, but I believe Franklin Graham was right when he said we lost this country when President Pinocchio, the man who never met a lie he didn’t like, won a second term.

  • Twenty-five years ago I was married to a third grade teacher. One day she brought home one of her mandatory text books to show me. It had one page on Washington, one page on Lincoln, and a whole chapter on MLK. What does that tell you? By the way, the school administration prohibited teaching phonics. How is a kid supposed to learn to spell if they can’t pronounce a word?

  • Bottom line on that issue over the state militia, I think youi’ll find a sell out based on government aid, military bases which would provide income, and corporations looking to move in, and needed a Federal support system.

  • So very true. Parents, however, have the duty to country, and the kids to tell them about the history of America. Far to many parents send their kids off to school and expect the school to do their job as parents. Not all teachers are as bright as they should be. I knew a young girl who answered questions on a science test by correctly naming the esophagus, and trachea on her test. Her teacher marked those answers as wrong. Her mother spoke to the teacher telling her that it is not right to mark as wrong, a better answer. The teacher’s reply, she did not know what they were. That, was about 35 years ago. It has gotten worse since then. Parents need to rule their children. Children should not their parents. All to often, kids tell their parents what they are going to allow them to do, or they’ll complain to school officials. That, anarchy must stop.

  • What the heck is going on in this country. What is the advantage of not making the next generation literate. What kind of devils are running things in Washington? Incorrect spelling and bad grammar seems totally acceptable, now. It jumps out at me like a red flag and I, maybe unfairly, assume the person is not that sharp and maybe even slow. Their cover letters and applications go in the trash. As a warning, I would urge young people to learn how to spell and write correct sentences. Employers will not be as forgiving as your public school teachers. If your teachers are not allowed to push you to learn in this regard, do yourself a favor and push yourself.

  • Hi Ollie,

    Franklin was slightly off in my estimation….it was when Obummer won a FIRST term that things REALLY went south. The “hope and change” rhetoric was just euphemistic for something else ENTIRELY.

  • Oh I know and agree with you. Now I just heard that Obummer wants people who own guns to have insurance or get a $15,000 fine. Now this is is telling me he is not sure who has guns and has the insurance companies telling him who takes out a policy lets him know who has so he can go take their guns. He knows war is coming and wants us unarmed so we can be killed. This is ONE evil person and that IS for sure.
    I do not think the PC has a REAL idea of what LORD POS OBUMMER has in store for them. Do they think he will give a damn about them?? Talk about head in the sand. By the time they wake up they will be on deaths door.
    I think the founders were so far ahead of their time and could see the future and tried to warn people in the future to watch and be prepared. I have no idea how or why he and Hildabeast are not locked up. It is not like there is not lot’s of proof that they knew or were behind this BS. I do not care that the elitists have the wheel. Someone has to row or run the engines and if they stop what are they going to do??
    Who or what will keep them alive when TSHTF?? I care about the good people who will loose everyting because of him.

  • If they are told to kill there own people and I do not care what that reason is they did not take their oath to heart. If they will do that then they do not care about their own famlies. They ar efrom the north so they will be sent to the south. And the ones from the south will be sent north. WHO is going to protect the famlies then?? If you are told to kill your own and you do then you are the enemy. You have to use your head and think. If they want people dead you really do not think they are going to keep you in YOUR area do you?? I am talking about those in the military now. Us OLD folk even back then knew we do not shoot our own no matter what. Now if there were a group of let’s say 10 people who are on a killing spree and you are sent in to ASSIST the local that is one thing. But they want to do away with the LOCAL. BAD BAD BAD. This is where many lives will be lost be them military or everyday people. This is not Russia, China where everything is socialist. But that is where they are trying to put us. I hope GOD will help us.

  • Will be retiring to east Texas in near future ! Mo way will we leave the best state in union !TEXAS !!!!!!

  • Keep at it,watch everything they do.They can’t stop us from watching what they do.
    We can counter what they do by keeping our eyes open.

  • States need money to operate. Use of commercial electricity was in it’s infancy, but people wanted it. Look at how big Texas is, and how many miles there are between cities. Texas could not afford the cost of making electricity available to the rural areas. The FED, could, That would, however, cost the state something. Improvements on flood control, or hydroelectricity. It does not take 100 foot high dams to make electricity. A 20 foot fall would do nicely. So, Texas, I am sure has water sources that would do that. There were, I am sure, other things the state needed, such as bringing industry to the state. A Federally funded military would be a big help to aid Texas against illegal, Mexican intrusions to the state. That, in fact became an issue in the decade before WW1. Think of all the needs of Texas to catch up with what was then considered modern, and how much Texas, on it’s own, could afford. Texas, all you need to do is to get rid of your state militia, and between your Rangers, and lower level police, plus Federal aid, you can have the aid of the US government. I think it is fairly plain, stand on your own, Texas, or let the Fed help you, for a price. Our government is not, and never really has been altruistic. State aid from the Fed comes with a price tag. Want Federal aid, lose your sovereignty. Over the course of the last 60 years, or more, how often has the Fed been less than welcoming of state’s rights? It has not been a war with guns, but it has been one with a lot of arm twisting, literal, or figurative.

  • Being that direct, such as the “roaring twenties”, has lost it’s appeal. You just can’t put a whole country in jail for violating any kind of Prohibition. You can, however be selective for a few that stand out the most, or have the greater public influence, and jail them. Making certain people a model of how the government deals with certain “criminals”, real or by over reach, such as the business owner who was raided for making $11000 bank deposits, twice in one day, cause people to feel intimidated. That works better than wholesale prohibition, although, in and of itself, it still is, intimidation.

  • You forget Russia, up until the early 1990’s. News from other countries was leaking in, and changing minds. Also, if “you” the soldier fail to obey orders, you can find yourself in jail, quickly. In a crisis, real or not, where martial law is given, the soldier who thinks for himself is probably going to find themselves in jail, or, after a trial, not unlike the so called Kangaroo courts of Russia, be found guilty of treason, and executed. That is a nice way to gain the undivided attention of a lot of young gullible minds, very quickly. On the flip side of that, those who have been yes men to the Fed, for now, see a good way to change the way we are going, and, in a manner of speaking, revolt. If there are enough units, operating together, such actions would put an end to the socialist ideals quite quickly. We do not know how our officers are thinking because they are of higher value being seen as patsies to the Fed, for now, waiting for the best time to unravel this mess. People on “our” side are best off keeping their mouths shut, and looking like they are on their side, for now. These senior officer men and women are not stupid. As a real possibility, consider the way that trustworthy officers were found in the movie Search for the Red October. Yes, just a movie, simple entertainment. However, there are realities there, because people can, and often do, think that way.

  • Nicholas, what search engine do you use? Google tracks everything people look for on that search engine. I have heard of a different one called DuckDuckGo. It cookies nothing that anyone using it does. The safest, but possibly most dangerous way for secure traffic is by hand carry. The US Air Force Security Command taught that.

  • True enough, but the Libs want to twist that, deny it, do anything to bury it from young minds.
    A thought that many should know, and perhaps have never thought of. First of all, your precious gotta have it, what ever will I do if I do not have it, cell phone. Radio communications has been my primary means of making a living. I am well aware of FCC laws. Your cell phone has a transmitter, yeah, everyone knows that. What is NOT well known is that periodically through the day, it sends out a registered identification code. You never know when it is doing it, because there is no need for you to know. By this means, people can be kept track of. The best way to put a stop to that is to truly turn it off. By that I mean, take the battery out, slip a thin piece of paper between battery terminals, and the battery, and put it back together. Cumbersome, absolutely. Best way to get “lost”, definitely. Once the transmitter is denied electricity, it goes dead. Forget any built in on-off switch. That is not a 100% turn off of the phone. The transmitter still has power. By the use of the cell phone towers, and the bad guy having a cell phone, his position was triangulated, and caught. In that article in the news, a few years ago, he deserved it. Patriots who are only voicing their opinion, but is disturbing the socialists, would not deserve it.

  • Texas was UNconstitutionally annexed (and occupied) in 1845, and
    eventually lost a lot of land to the north. I haven’t done the math but
    Texas was about twice the size it is today. Unlike states like Nevada, the only federal lands in Texas are those occupied by the the General Government and U.S. Military bases. With the revitalized Texas Militia, virtually done away with by the traitors in the Congress of 1903, as was the case with all the other state militias, I suppose some agreement could be negotiated btwn Texas and the General Government since we will have about 15,000,000 members of the Texas Militia. Those bases could be used for training.

  • One litmus test under Obama is whether the officers would be willing to fire on American citizens. There has been a purge taking place. Among the enlisted, I’m not convinced they would follow those orders.

  • This crap is due to obummer not leaving the WH. No matter who wins, He will do one more executive order and he is President for life. Then is will be known as King obama. To us a dictator. Don’t think it will happen. ? Take a look a cuba. Castro did it.Nearly everything obama has done had been done by nearly every dictator in history up to the final day. .lock n load

  • Your right and there is more.
    To me the worst of the in your face up to this point is when they took the pledge of allegiance to the flag and prayer out of school. Children get older and still have no clue to the meaning of the flag or how or when to display it.

  • These kids become ignorant misinformed puppet adults to one day vote, If they can’t read, can’t spell they can’t understand what is being told to them and vote the way they are told to.Or go along to get along, cannon fodder.. That is part of the master plan. Education is power. Kids with limited educations are no threat as adults to the powers to be.

  • Hi there! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any issues with hackers? My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing months of hard work due to no backup. Do you have any methods to prevent hackers?

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