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What Is The Ideal Bug Out Vehicle?

What Is The Ideal Bug Out Vehicle?

Many preppers have bug out bags. Many have survival gardens. Many already have a cabin that they can bug out to, but it’s possible that you may not have thought about what you may want to use to get there. This is why you may want to think about what is the best bug out vehicle.

Some people may want to go on the cheap (and small size) and get a survival moped (I’m not kidding. It’s real.) which is a moped decked out with dirt-bike tires, a small motor, and, of course, pedals in case you want to ride quietly. That could have it’s uses if you’re wanting to evade detection and you have no more than one other person to take with you. Even then, having an extra person would make that a difficult ride over any distance.

It seems to me, however, that the best bug out vehicle will be a four-wheel type vehicle with some specific features:

  • It must hold multiple people. How many people it holds will depend on how many people that you need to take with you. You have to consider your spouse, children, parents, grandchildren, etc. Some have recommended that a four-seater will be adequate. For most people this may be true, but my family is larger than that, so that wouldn’t work for me. For most people this requirement will mean that a Smart Car or that Honda S2000 that you’ve been eyeing won’t cut it.
  • You have to be able to load up supplies. Pat Henry sums up this point well:

    Back to the 2 seat vehicle and even a lot of mid-sized cars these days. Most have so little cargo room that you would be lucky to get your bug out bag and a pillow in the trunk but you could forget about all of your prepping supplies, ammo and food and water you have stored. I am not saying that your bug out vehicle should be able to carry everything in your house or else it is worthless, but you do want the ability to pack a good portion of your supplies or gear.

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  • It needs to be able to handle difficult terrain and/or weather. Simply put, you should consider a four-wheel drive or all wheel drive vehicle. Why? Because, if the SHTF, there won’t be anyone fixing the roads, and you may be heading out to the middle of nowhere anyway, just for isolation and survival. A standard front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive sedan isn’t ideal.

One more thought to consider in choosing your bug out vehicle: you may want to consider a diesel engine over a gasoline engine. Some mention fuel efficiency as a reason, but a primary reason, in my mind, is that you can use a variety of fuels such as used cooking oil and biodiesel for fuel with little modification. This gives you more options when access to a working gas station or fuel refinery isn’t practical.

What other factors do you consider important in choosing a bug out vehicle? Tell us below.

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