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What Does the DHS Want With This Year’s Election?

What Does the DHS Want With This Year’s Election?

You probably haven’t heard about this. After all, it doesn’t fit the mainstream media’s narrative of how nice and benevolent that a giant Federal government is to us. But, I guarantee to you that this is downright scary in its implications for the Freedom of all Americans to change our country.

The move that has me so concerned is this: the Department of Homeland Security has offered to “help” states “to secure their voting systems from hackers.”

Now, if you’re like me, you have enough knowledge of history to know that Federal “help” to the states means a takeover of that function from the states and an unpleasant definition of helping people. Many examples come to mind:

  • Lincoln wanted to “help” the state of Maryland stay in the Union, so martial law was declared in the state during the time of the Civil War (don’t remember that from your history books, do you?)
  • The Federal government “helped” African-Americans in Alabama with free healthcare, and used that access to expose these people to syphilis for “research purposes” without the consent of the test subjects.
  • And, who can forget the Native Americans who were forcibly “helped” by the Federal government to march the Trail of Tears.

Bad news for all of those on the receiving end.

Joseph Farah writes about why depending on Homeland Security to protect our elections is a bad idea:

“The federal government has been the victim of some of the greatest hacks in the history of the world. Take, for instance, the example of last year’s compromise of a database containing sensitive information about every single federal government employee and contractor since records were kept. Should states be looking for help in securing voting infrastructure from amateurs like this – or, worse yet, like Hillary Clinton?” (hat tip to here for the source)

Of course, aside from practical issues like their inability to actual do anything to prevent hacking of election results is the little issue of the Constitutionality of the Federal government being involved in elections. The simple answer is: It is illegal for the Federal government to handle U.S. elections because the states are the only ones authorized to administer those elections.

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And, then, there is the nasty little thorn of the politicization of government agencies by the current administration (Does the IRS targeting of conservative political groups ring a bell?) in an effort to manipulate political power in the U.S. It’s all a big mess.

So, if Homeland Security is allowed to administer our elections “for our own good,” it’s a pretty safe bet that the election is going to go for Hillary and a Democratic majority in Congress, whether it would have or not. Your vote would essentially be meaningless, and our beloved freedom based on democratic elections would be but a memory.

What do you think about the idea of the Department of Homeland Security monitoring elections? Tell us below.

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  • Your analysis is very astute. As you note, it is illegal for the federal government to have a hand in vote countig because it is the province of the states. Hence, Jeb Johnson, is “offering” to help the states as opposed an executive order “being issued.” Any state that accepts such “help” is acting illegally and betraying its citizens. If any do ask for help, it may be that they have been pressured to do so.Homeland Security claims that it “:mistakenly” made naturalized citizens of over 800 likely terrorists who presented fraudulent credentials. The real number is probably higher. Since, it was the result of fraud, will the citizenship be revoked? Do not hold your breath. Homeland Security is rushing through applications for citizenship, most likely just as mistakenly, in order to affect the outcome of the presidential election. They have “volunteers” working overtime to process
    applications. Americans presently sitting out this election because they do not like the choices is commiting national suicide. Homeland Security has faciliated illegal aliens entering the US across the southern border and is now picking them up and bringing them into the interior of the country. Homeland Security has not and does not do the job iti supposed to do. How can they be trusted to
    help to prevent election fraud?

  • I wouldn’t trust the Homeland Security Dept. to help me across the street, much less insure that my vote for president is accurately reported.

  • Just another way for oscumbag and his minions to dip their scummy paws into the election process and get some more voter fraud going.

  • Screw DHS! They are worthless, weak, and an extension of Obunghole’s destruction on this country. They can go to hell.

  • Hillary keeps telling her viewers to go to her “fact” checking website to check everything she Trump says during the debates. Really? Like anyone is going to believe the lies she utters at the podium or has printed on her website.

  • Exactly, but unfortunately there are way too many gullible people that will actually read it and believe it. Yesterday she lied so much about her supposed accomplishments that she should have the nose a foot long. She has been asked many times by reporters about her accomplishments and can hardly ever come up with one, and her followers neither. And somehow she had an enumeration yesterday, none of which are verifiable, like the projects of law that had her name, 8 million children having health insurance, etc. Where is the evidence, and how can it be verified?

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