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One Vaccine Development Has Dr. Fauci Deeply Frustrated

One Vaccine Development Has Dr. Fauci Deeply Frustrated

Dr. Fauci

The entire country remains in a holding pattern because of the Wuhan virus.

Health experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci said society could reopen if a considerable portion of the population got vaccinated.

But one vaccine development has Dr. Fauci deeply frustrated.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has changed his position regarding COVID-19 policy numerous times.

However, he’s considered beyond reproach according to the so-called mainstream media and big tech.

Fauci originally said 75-80% of the population must get vaccinated in order for life to return to normal, then later admitted he underestimated that number.

But widespread vaccination might be difficult to come by because even frontline healthcare workers don’t want to take the vaccine.

From The Daily Mail:

“Up to half of health care workers in one California county and a Texas hospital say they will not get the shot, 60 percent of nursing home staff in Ohio are turning down the jab and 40 percent of frontline workers in Los Angeles won’t get it either, polls reveal.”

Side effects from the vaccine have some people understandably reluctant to take the shot.

Sheena Bumpas, a nursing assistant in Oklahoma, told The New York Times, “I don’t want to be a guinea pig.”

According to a survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation, vaccine compliance is actually lower among frontline workers than the population at large.

Close to one-third (29%) of frontline healthcare workers say they will probably or definitely refuse to get the vaccine.

The Kaiser Family Foundation survey said:

“About a quarter (27%) of the public remains vaccine hesitant, saying they probably or definitely would not get a COVID-19 vaccine even if it were available for free and deemed safe by scientists. Vaccine hesitancy is highest among Republicans (42%), those ages 30-49 (36%), and rural residents (35%).”

With so much resistance to the vaccination, reaching an 80+% threshold is going to be impossible.

Nevertheless, society should be reopened anyway.

The science on lockdowns is nearly uniform at this point – they do not work and should only be considered as a last resort.

Large swaths of America have been locked down for nearly a year.

Petty tyrants have used the lockdowns to cram through all kinds of disastrous policies.

For example, the Washington D.C. city council passed a measure that allows schools to vaccinate children as young as 11-years-old without parental consent.

Businesses have literally been crushed into permanent closure.

Restaurants have been threatened with seizure of their liquor license for noncompliance.

The power grab by the elites has been unconscionable.

Society needs to be reopened immediately, and vulnerable populations should be protected via quarantine.

This was the practice employed by Governor Ron DeSantis in Florida who protected his nursing home population better than most states.

The fact that frontline workers don’t want to take the vaccine should tell Dr. Fauci and the other pro-lockdown officials that no one is listening to the “experts” anymore.

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