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The Items You Must Have In Your Urban Survival Kit

The Items You Must Have In Your Urban Survival Kit


Staying alive during a crisis in a big city is incredibly difficult.

Limited resources and a condensed population are not a good combination.

Here are some items you should have on you to be prepared for an emergency in an urban environment.

One good thing to have in the city is an everyday carry (EDC) kit so that you’ll have the bare essentials to survive through trying circumstances.

The key is finding balance between helpful items and a kit that isn’t cumbersome.

Carrying around a rucksack throughout the city is both impractical and very conspicuous.

Here are some EDC items that can help you in a pinch.

First, there’s the knife, which is a classic survival tool.

A trusted pocket knife is an absolute necessity for preppers of all stripes.

Knives can be used for self-defense, field-dressing game that’s been hunted or trapped, gutting fish, slicing fruit, and a host of other things.

Knives are also practical for shaving, cutting your hair, opening boxes or bottles, whittling, and plenty of other tasks.

Another crucial item is the handkerchief.

While this might not seem like a consequential item, it has important functions.

Handkerchiefs can function as a bandana to keep sweat out of your eyes or as an impromptu mask to keep you from inhaling smoke, dust, and other particulates.

This is incredibly important if you’re in an emergency where air quality is severely damaged.

Handkerchiefs can also be used to cool your neck in extreme heat.

Regulating your body temperature is important for avoiding severe heat injury such as heat stroke.

Another important EDC item is the flashlight.

Most smartphones come with flashlight features nowadays, but you could find yourself in a situation where your phone is out of juice and you have no way of charging it.

That’s when a flashlight (with spare batteries) can be a lifesaver.

And if you’re performing a task that requires light and both hands, you can hold the flashlight steady with your teeth.

Next, it’s a good idea to have a lighter in your EDC kit.

The ability to start a fire is one of the keys to survivalism.

Fire not only keeps you warm, but can be used to send a signal, purify water, sterilize utensils, and cook food.

And of course, fire provides you with light when it’s dark.

Having a trusted lighter puts that capability in your hands.

Also, you should consider having a tourniquet as part of your EDC kit.

A tourniquet will literally save life and limb should an accident occur where a major artery gets punctured.

A tourniquet will keep you or a loved one alive and conscience, which gives you a better chance of finding help in time.

Finally, if you live in a state where concealed carry is permitted, it’s not a bad idea to have a handgun.

In an emergency scenario, desperate people who are willing to steal—or worse—are a threat that can’t be ignored.

Make sure you’re in a position to protect yourself if the worst case scenario happens.

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