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One Unstoppable Force Could Spell Doom For The Future

One Unstoppable Force Could Spell Doom For The Future

Preppers understand that a disaster could occur at any minute.

And some disasters are so devastating, they’re society-changing.

One such society-changing disaster could be on the horizon.

Technology has been an unbelieve force for good in society.

Human ingenuity mixed with freedom has created prosperity that nobody could’ve imagined merely decades ago.

Poor people in America today live better than did medieval kings.

Many poor Americans have cars, televisions smartphones, refrigerators, microwaves, cheap services that can deliver anything to your doorstep, and supermarkets filled with all kinds of food.

And life expectancy is approaching 80 years old.

However, technology is a double-edged sword.

First, technology breeds creative destruction, meaning many jobs will be permanently lost to innovative breakthroughs.

This disruption can be harrowing in the short term, but often leads to the creation of more jobs, and more prosperity over time.

However, some argue the next wave of technological innovation will displace jobs that will never come back, and will not create new jobs to replace the old.

Some predict that driverless trucks will lead to massive job loss in shipping, and service industries that truckers frequent, such as roadside diners.

The people who are concerned about this potential phenomenon believe it will create a terrible cascade effect that tears a hole in the economy and will result in an epidemic far greater than the current opioid crisis.

Such a disruption could lead to widespread chaos and societal collapse.

If that terrifying scenario were to happen, survivalism would be a life-saving endeavor.

Prepping is all about being able to handle massive disruptions without devolving into chaos and panic.

However, others believe that the hysteria over driverless cars and other forms of automation is overblown.

They point out that technology alarmists and luddites have warned of similar crises in the past.

Just because we can’t see the benefits of new technology today doesn’t mean it’s nonexistent.

So far, the doomsday prognosticators have been wrong at every turn.

But they only have to be right once.

Either way, best to be prepared.

All that said, there are elements of technology that should concern people on both sides of the automation debate.

The exponential growth of artificial intelligence is a big worry.

When people think of scary AI, they think of science fiction movies like Terminator 2.

However, the real threat of AI comes from what authoritarian governments can do with it.

For example, China, a totalitarian state, uses technology to spy on its citizens.

They’ve even implanted a nightmarish social credit system right out of the dystopian anthology series Black Mirror.

In another episode of the popular series, society has been overrun by AI robot dogs that are perfect killing machines.

And companies are building them right this moment.

Technology is a good thing, but it also requires great responsibility.

Sadly, tech companies have infused leftist politics into their products, as well as their corporate structure.

These companies need to be called out when they cross the line, so the public doesn’t allow them to bring upon an Orwellian future.



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