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Try Not To Throw Up When You See This Example of The IRS’s Unchecked Power

Try Not To Throw Up When You See This Example of The IRS’s Unchecked Power

An income tax is not really so much about taxation and people paying “their fair share” (whatever that means) as about control of a populace. This is not an hysterical ranting; it’s one of the basic tenants of communism (see here).

So, for those of us legitimately concerned about our economic means (read: money) being taken from us and controlled by a government, stories like this drive us nuts because they show how the noose of the police state is coming down on us while the majority of our population sits and “enjoys” their bread and circuses.

What we are seeing here is the IRS “legally” stealing the contents of the bank accounts of small business owners based on the suspicion that there may have been some wrongdoing. We’re not talking documented wrongdoing; we’re talking about the possibility that there may have been some wrongdoing based on the amount dollar amount of deposits to a bank account or the pattern of the deposits.

The situation is so bad that F. Peter Brown wrote:

The Institute for Justice, a Washington-based public interest law firm, found that in one third of IRS-related cases it examined, there was not any claim of criminal activity–merely “structuring [the pattern of the amounts of the deposits].”

Do you really think that the police state isn’t getting worse? If so, then you need to open your eyes and get prepared to survive without access to your funds in the banking system.

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