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Try Not To Panic When You See the SWAT-Style Military Equipment the EPA Just Ordered

Try Not To Panic When You See the SWAT-Style Military Equipment the EPA Just Ordered

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is supposed to be for the purpose of helping to improve the environment here in the U.S.

Ignore the fact they recently caused millions of gallons of mining waste to be dumped into Colorado’s rivers… let’s assume for a moment they’re actually trying to protect the environment.

That being the case, one has to wonder why they would need to purchase these kinds of military equipment:

  • guns
  • ammo
  • body armor
  • camouflage equipment
  • night-vision goggles

Add in “normal” things like the use of spy planes to ensure that farmers are compliant.

Why does the EPA need this type of military grade equipment? Who are they trying to ensure that they can handle?

Unless the EPA is just another excuse to run our lives, and, therefore, compliance is mandatory “for our own good” in the same way that complying with Stalin was for the good of the people in the Soviet Union.

If the EPA is really about protecting the environment, how about they stop driving trucks around and flying planes over innocent people to ensure compliance. Sounds like they are wasting a lot of fossil fuels and putting off a lot of harmful exhaust waste that would damage the environment.

One would think that is what their thinking would be. Apparently, though, for them it appears to be just another excuse to police our lives.

What do you think: Does it make sense for the EPA to be armed like a SWAT team or not? Sound off below.

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  • Most federal agencies are worthless and useless. It would be better for all of us if most all of them went away permanently.

  • GT
    This is much like Homeland Security which has quietly become its own military operation much like any branch of service without the accountability and rules of engagement and free rein to set their own standards! NOT GOOD FOR US.

  • Prince Obongo The Illegitimate, along with his handlers and co-conspirators from BOTH disgusting political parties, has EVERY Federal agency armed to the teeth.
    It’s spread around so that no one huge expenditure is noticed or remarked upon.
    What I’m noticing is that the fraudulently installed Indonesian citizen cokehead homosexual is overdue for a noose…along with about 100 of his circle jerk buddies.

  • I couldn’t post a reply-don’t know why but all this shit that these different agencies have are going to be used against us Americans-WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  • Buy More Λmmo, while you still can. Doing so is *still* the only viable treatment for ODDD (Obamunist Douchebag Distrust Disorder). Doing so is also the only remaining path to Liberty. Support your local Militia and/or your local Oath Keepers.

    Be the Resistance. This won’t end pretty, Λmerica.

  • Do you have any actual evidence for this? You wrote an “article” but there is nothing to back it up. For all I know, your crazy uncle Bob may have told you what he heard from his crazy friend Mike. (no offense to people named Bob or Mike).

    Where is the evidence? How do I know you’re not just making crap up?

  • Eliminate funding for EPA,FDA, DEPT OF EDUCATION,TSA, IRS, NSA, FOREIGN AID,U.N., IMF,WORLD BANK, all food aid to the world, ban all public unions, ban all lobbyists and outlaw lobbying,term limits, ban all public unions, all govt employees and politicians included get no pensions only S/S and medicare when retired and obamacare when employed no exemptions for obamacare what is good for everyone else should be good enough for them,ban anchor babies, send all illegals back and build the wall and send all refugees home. That should knock a good dent and make for a good start on deficit reduction. Then work on the unfunded liabilities of welfare/medicaid/food stamps that has exploded under obama yet unemployment is at record lows,that is a first in our history those two one is high while the other is low. Take no time at all to live within our means like the majority of us out here have to!

  • I skimmed the article too quickly and missed the link. The EPA has a hell of a job to do, and there are too many people trying to screw with the environment in the name of greed and leave us all with a hell of a mess. Giving them rights to police the laws is OK in my opinion. But arming them with military style weapons, if it’s true, is too far. Same goes with the local law enforcement. People who are policing US citizens should not be using military style weapons against our own people.

  • While president Oliar and Shillery tell the American people guns are dangerous and bad, they are arming ALL government agencies with the very things they say we don’t need. Wake as many people up to this dangerous madness as possible before it is to late. Oliar, Shillery and their kind are dangerous, lying evil people and would not pause for a second to completely take our firearms and totally control the American people.

  • In this election season we need a candidate that will pledge to remove these type of jack booted made up liberal progressive tax dollar sucking so called organizations that serve we the people with no positive return from dollars invested. When are we going to wake up to the reality that the Democrats are NOT a party of the people. They never have been. Ever since the early 20th century and Woodrow Wilson they have been about control and control every portion of our lives. If I am wrong please tell me what portion of YOUR life they aren’t trying to control?? I can’t think of any. So yes they and other useless orgs. like the EPA need to be eliminated. I heard there wasn’t even one person held accountable for the polluted mine water release disaster. But then should we expect anything less from this teflon administration??

  • Ok, how about holding the EPA accountable for the polluted mine water release? Or will this disaster get swept under the rug like a whole lot of other things this teflon administration done in the past? Answer: Probably YES!! The so called evidence comes from eye witness reports and the socalled media. Otherwise do you think we are making this stuff up as we go along? I don’t think so.

  • We will not make it to an election. Oscumbag did not set all this up just to give it up in 2017. He is about ready to light us up folks. HE’S NOT GOING ANYWHERE BUT INTO THE NEW UNDERGROUND CITY HE HAS BUILT UNDER THE GROUNDS OF OUR WHITE HOUSE.

  • Do you recall during the second year of his administration Mr. Obama called for a “government police force” equal to the military’s capability. This was ridiculed by most. But since then there has been such military style equipment bought by other branches of government. The IRS bought thousands of rounds of military style ammo and military weapons and stored them (somewhere)? Homeland security has been reconfigured to “prevent any uprising or overthrow of the government” and has purchased such equipment as well as other organizations within government control. I may be well off base but I believe we will see the final plan brought forth by this presidential election. We Will See.

  • A South Pacific nation, Viet Nam I think, had an horrendous heroine drug problem in the country that was out of control. They made a new law…all guilty of drug trafficking are hung by the neck until dead…publically. Problem solved…just saying!

  • It makes about as much sense as the Dept. of Agriculture, Dept. of Education, and the other departments that are all now armed. Face it folks, they are getting ready for something big and WE THE PEOPLE are going to be on the receiving end of it.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  • Arming these agencies is Obama’s imitation of Hitlers Brownshirt Thugs. And He will have the same problem, once they have done their job, they will be a perceived threat to Him.

  • The EPA have reasons, for ordering, food more weapons,They are going to need it, When Obama declares Marshall Law. thats when civil law , begins,Americans will be fighting all Military.

  • Why hold the EPA accountable for what private industry did years ago? There are thousands of such mines in that area, all with the same poisonous potential. So what is the EPA supposed to do? Locate & clean up every mine before they start leaking into our water supplies? Just exactly how are they supposed to do that? They don’t have enough personnel as it is (great for all you who want smaller government) to mind the store now; are they supposed to hire hundreds more to fix just this one environmental problem? ~ caused by corporate greed again. These corporations are the ones that need to be cleaning up their own messes when they close up shop. The EPA’s job is to find these bastards & make them do their own dirty work at their own cost. The EPA’s final recourse, barring getting these polluters to take responsibility, is to clean up the mess using taxpayer dollars. Exactly what do you want to EPA to account for? Funny how when a precious environmental commodity like water is jeopardized, it’s always the government’s fault. If it wasn’t for the EPA, DEP, etc., you & your kids would be breathing black air & drinking Chinese water ~ because U.S. corps/industry have no respect for the environment & just want to bleed it to death, sacrificing humanity on the altar of pure capitalistic greed & profit. Remember, capitalism in its truest form has no moral component. It’s up to humans to provide that as business leaders. I condemn every one of them who purports to be Christian for spitting on the Golden Rule & then crushing the spit-recipients into the ground under their very expensively-shod heels. They always get to walk away, leaving you & me to pay.

  • please check out this websight it is called Prepare For Change from what I see of this site. it tells you what is going to happen soon. I did an ip address lookup to see who was registered to this site leslie betts from tempe Arizona. then I looked her up on linkedin. she was an account executive at insight. her groups she was related to were RFID AND US ARMY I JOINED RFID TO LEARN MORE AND THEN IT SAID RFID PEOPLE TRACKING ACTIVATORS. THEN I KNEW THIS WAS THE EVIL OF THE ILLUMINATI AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

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