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Try Not to Freak Out When You Read What Maryland CPS Did to These Innocent Kids

Try Not to Freak Out When You Read What Maryland CPS Did to These Innocent Kids

Maryland, land of the free, home of the… police officers who pick up your kids 0.3 miles from your home, hold them for three hours, lie to them about taking them home, and then drive them 20 minutes away to Child Protective Services (CPS) because they were concerned about some homeless person “eyeing” them?

Yes, apparently so.

It’s absolutely ridiculous. Someone (we don’t know who) called CPS, police stepped in, and, even if the police were following “protocol” and the law, this just sounds suspiciously like another opportunity for the government to shut down freethinking and instill fear and compliance in children.

Why do I say that?

Because these kids were being raised as “free range kids.” What are free range kids? They are kids whose

parents base the amount of freedom their children receive on how much responsibility they can handle. In the [case that we are talking about], the children had a curfew and were expected home by 6:30 p.m., a reasonable hour when it’s still fully light outside. When they didn’t come home, the parents drove around the neighborhood frantically looking for them. They were not notified of their children’s whereabouts until 8 p.m.

In other words, these are kids who learn to think for themselves, be self-reliant, and independent. Exactly the kind of thing a nanny state and a police state (often the same thing) do not want.

What do you think about this situation? Tell us below.

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  • First, if the citizens were so concerned, why didn’t they call the parents? Or do they just make a habit of calling police whenever they spot an unfamiliar child in the neighborhood? Second, if the police were compelled to intervene,why didn’t they call the parents and take the kids home? CPS should not become involved unless there is strong evidence of physical or mental abuse of the child present. CPR should be considered the last resort in such cases as their “protocols” are often more traumatizing to the children and the family than the original perceived problem.

  • Why do the cops always go overboard with every thing no wonder people are getting mad at the cops they act like law machines . if that where my son I would have been furious


  • Why is every fhing so adversarial in that part of the country with the police its all money driven and its got to be changed

  • Maybe it’s time to start using the Free Range Kids as BAIT. Time to break out the Hunting Rifle. But be sure to check your local hunting Regulations, it may not be Legal to hunt the CPS Creeps over a Baited Road or Field.

  • More evidence of the Police State that is developing in the USA. They now are Gestapo troops is some places.
    The PEOPLE need to rebel hard and fast.

  • nobody sees what is going is complete state take over of your lives,thats why all this PC crap so you want say anything,brainwashing our kids in school for 40 years,tell me is there anything that you can do now adays without the government involved .when i was a kid my mom couldn’t keep me in the house,ididn’t come in until past dark.i stayed in the woods or on a creek or pond riding bikes,when i wasn’t working for farmers,which was 4 days a week,and i learner common since from these older farming men.if that had been now they would get my mom for englect or some other crap.

  • Come on Police. Don’t any of you have
    any common sense. When I was growing up Loans were made on the
    Premise of a Hand Shake was your signature. Life in America has been
    taken away and I buy Washington at its very top is a contributor. God Bless America, we really need it.

  • I’m with you on this one. If there had been ALL the busy bodies when I was 9 years old, my Grandparents and I would have been in court every week. I started working at the age of 9, sacking groceries for tips to earn enough money to go to the YMCA every other Saturday. I worked one week, then went to the Y the next week. This went on for the entire year. The store was over 1/2 mile away and the Y was 2 miles away. Each week I was gone for most of the day, beginning as early as 8 AM and returning by night fall. This is nothing more than people with too much time on their hands and wanting to get into other people’s business.

  • It would have been helpful to know the ages of the children, whether they were walking home from school or from a friend’s home, etc., and more particulars about the alleged homeless person “eyeing” them, etc. Did the cops ask the children where their home was relative to where the cops picked them up, and if not, then why not. Had these children previously been taken into custody? Lots of facts should have been included in this article so that a reader could discern what was going on before leaping to incorrect conclusions.

  • Perhaps the adult citizens of Maryland have severe mental problems since they have allowed a police state to emerge.

  • “Fuck the police”. I have no trust in any officer anymore. They are trigger happy corrupted fucking pigs. I know i’ll get some Shit over what I’m saying. We’ll “fuck you”. First amendment bitche. So fuck you pigs don’t need you.

  • I’m so glad I got to grow up in the mid 50s to mid 60s. I played outside sometimes a mile or more away and rode my bike both ways. I was taught to scream if a stranger stopped his car to talk to me as well as to run. Fortunately, nothing unto-wards ever happened to me and I was able to enjoy the freedom of childhood carefree living. I would hate to have to grow up these days as a child fearful of everybody. What a sad state our society has become. Are we really a free nation? That’s more debatable than ever.

  • Today more than ever, the government is the enemy. . . Those kids were lucky the cops didn’t kill them as they have done numerous times to other kids paying.

  • They are not just “trigger happy”: Those low IQ psychopaths are recruited and trained that way intentionally!

  • sounds like the cops are just making kids afraid to go outside just another freedom the kids are losing like the rest of the population. way to go police!

  • As a child, and althouh we had 3 maids, only one dedicated to me, she was a saint and a tough black lady who will be remembered until the day I die, I was responsable to,wake up by myself, do my room before re going to school, prepared my bed and cleaning the bathroom, walked to school by myself, my school was around the córner. Never was forced to do my homework, if I failed they will send me to public school, everything was up to me. I did everything myself, when I had to adjust to being a refugee, I did not have any problems, I only counted on myself. No government help, no handouts and I had 2 toddlers and a sick mother to take care of.

  • Sure wish I knew the facts. It smells like a cruel abuse of power at the least, but then again, I wish I knew the facts… Now, as to the folks calling cops pigs, pyschopaths and child murderers. I have known good and upstanding cops all my life and they are far from what has been mentioned below. Yes, there are psychopaths in blue, but there are far many more who put it on the line for their communities every day. Perhaps it’s so in your town or county, and if so, I’m sorry, but I can’t let such a broad brushstroke be used for all cops.

  • Now you’re talking, the only thing I might regret is wasting a perfectly good round on human garbage (a turd)

  • True I knew one good cop and he was forced out for testifying on another pig for police brutality. I’m totally serious. He was always helping people and not arresting everyone for petty Shit. He cared and wanted you to be a better person. He’s now a border patrol man. He was one in a million.

  • if you ever need help for a bad situation what are you going to do, call a crackhead? Sure there are “bad cops” but many more good than bad! Don’t judge the majority because of the minority! Who do you know that would go out on the streets every day and possibly not make it back home to their family alive?

  • A police state, PURE AND SIMPLE! I would have those A**HOLES in court so fast it would make their head swim.

  • The
    officers and the CPS should be charged with kidnapping in this case. The person
    who called the police to begin with should be charged as an accessory to the
    kidnapping as well. Kudos to the parents for trying to teach the children
    “Responsibility” that is severely lacking in most young adults and children of
    today. Had my parents raised me today the way they did over 50 years ago, they
    would be in jail for “Child Abuse” for my upbringing. I was taught
    “Responsibility” starting at a very young age. I was raised with Love and
    Discipline and to treat others and our elders with respect. Another trait that
    is missing in the young adults and children of today. Welcome to the Liberal Nanny State!

  • When I was in the first and second grade we had to walk two miles to the school bus each way. On a mountain road. This country is turning into a police state for sure. Many parents now don’t even let their kids walk up the country driveway. And guess what that does to the children who are responsible to teach the next generation. It will be a domino effect.

  • I got a funny feeling most people will soon see the big plan that has been brewing for a long time between super rich that run this government and politicians.

  • How do you all get there are more good then bad the way it is today, where do you get you numbers at. I want to believe it to but I don’t really know the real numbers and I don’t think you do either.

  • I could be at least 2 miles from home as long as I headed home when the streetlights came on. Access to pastures, ponds, rattlesnakes, skunks and various livestock. Not to mention free range dogs, hunters and fishermen.

  • I also grew up in that wonderful time. The reality is things can happen, children can die. Nothing you can do about the hard facts of life. But creating a climate of fear and a police state will not change these truths. I lost a child to an auto accident. Should we ban cars? Life is full of joys and risks. It is a shame that the children of today cannot even dream of the fun we had growing up in those “unsafe” times!

  • You hit the nail on the head. And great anology too. You are right. No matter what we do in life there are risks. Shoot, you can even stay in bed and possibly still be killed by a large meteorite.

    Fact is, living has risks. I believe as I think you do that more harm is being done to society by governments efforts to protect everyone from just about every possible evil or eventuality. It really takes the joy out of living.

    Add to that the propensity of kids to stay home anyway and play on the computer all day and now society just makes it easier for them to do that rather than “take the chance” to go down the street to play with their friends.

  • Agreed. Whoever call the police may have done so not knowing the police would take such action without first notifying the parents.

  • Obviously you are not aware that several court have upheld the right of Police Department to disqualify any applicant with an IQ above 104?

  • College Degree? Let’s call it what it really is……
    “Certificate of Completion in Progressive-ism”….

  • I too was able to “explore” the area that we were living in. Sure, there were pedophiles and kidnapping but we didn’t here about them [40’s thru the 60’s]. We also were mature enough to listen to our parents, well most of the time.

  • Most of us kids from the 60’s were “free range”. Too many perverts now. Back then we buried many of them in the swamp. No need for 911.

  • TURN THE TABLES……..HAVE THEM ARRESTED FOR KIDNAPPING,BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • google must be run by pervs. Way more now that they are “protected” by the law. Most don’t fear a parents wrath any more.

  • One more reason why I hate Maryland. When I was in middle school, (years ago, Now I’m 19 and in Texas), my School counselor told me I wasn’t aloud back till I got a drug test. Got one, came back clean, and she still called CPS. I wasn’t having family issues either. I lived in Havre De Grace and was aloud to wonder the city because I was responsible.

  • The parents should have been notified.The kids should have been asked if their parents knew where
    they were and why they were where they were.They certainly should not have been taken away and
    parents did not know where they had disappeared to. The police should have been held accountable.

  • First,the police were wrong grabbing the children and not taking them home right away.Second,they lied to the children and probably scared the CRAP OUT THEM.
    Third,they should have called the parents right away instead of detaining the children
    for TWO HOURS scaring the crap out of the parents before calling them.Thank our SOCIALIST PRESIDENT FOR THAT WELCOME TO SOVIET RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NATEZMAN – this is WAY more than just getting in someone’s business. This is the Nazi’ism of the US! These police are acting like gods who must control everything in their world. There is no freedom if you are under anyone’s control. These goons are the mainline control freaks being used to inculcate ‘obedience’ into the population just as the Nazi’s did with the Jews.

    WE THE PEOPLE must begin to organize ourselves and take back the control of our governments at all levels. Start with your home town police chief or county sheriff. Ad hoc committees can be created to investigate ANYTHING in the government. That will give you a legitimate basis to confront the Power COntrolers in your area and find out what they are up to, why, and then you can tell them that the Constitutions are STILL the LAW OF THE LAND and they must obey them or face the people.

    In Texas, “ignorance of the law is no excuse” applies ONLY to the State Officers! The people are not required to know the law but all elected and appointed officers are ‘deemed knowledgeable of the law upon it’s enactment”. They are being paid to KNOW the law and they have allegedly sworn an Oath of Office that they WILL faithfully fulfill the duties of that office.

  • If those officers were really concerned about the safety of those kids, that is, if they had a valid reason to be, they should, maybe, have first asked them if they were o.k., and, perhaps, offered to either give them a ride to their respective homes or offered to walk them to their respective homes, or, if they thought someone was stalking them, how about, oh, I don’t know, approaching the potential stalker and, maybe chasing him or her off, that is, if there really was one. I agree with Scott, it sounds, to me, like kidnapping, as well. If they really needed to move them from where they were to a “safer” place, other than their homes, (which would have been my first, and most logical choice), you’d think they could have taken them to a nearby police station and called their parents to come get them, immediately, not an hour and a half past when they were due home, such that their parents would begin to wonder why they weren’t home yet and start to worry. It makes no sense, whatsoever, if they legitimately thought that those children were in danger, to pick them up and take them farther from home then they already were. If there really was a safety concern, they could even have encouraged the children to head home and offered to shadow them with the patrol car, just to make sure they got home safely. The mere presence of the patrol car, nearby, would deter a would-be stalker from attacking the children. If what they did was “protocol” then, I think, that so-called “protocol” needs to be brought up for review and changed.

  • Well get use to this cause i don’t thinlk any change in our future.

  • Right now every single person should be of one like mind. That is to get rid of every politician who even agrees with the Liberal mind set. Don’t let it slip past when now becomes history and oh how we can forget and become complacent about what history should
    have taught us. Put a picture of POTUS on your bathroom mirror to remind you.

  • Totally Senseless Automatrons TSA are clogging up airports, inconveniencing, passengers, violating our 4th, 5th, and 1st amendment rights, and wasting taxpayer’s money. Privatize, profile, and downsize it. Dehumanizing Harrassment Suckups DHS are only being wielded as a politically abusive arm of O’Bama’s regime to promulgate his constitution violating policies of Amnesty, Illegal Property Seizure, and Disarmament. Let each state militia (made up of private citizens) in cooperation with FBI, CIA, and SS protect our homeland.

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