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Trump Signed An Important Executive Order To Combat The Border Crisis

Trump Signed An Important Executive Order To Combat The Border Crisis

Donald Trump

Illegal immigration continues to be one of the biggest threats to our democracy.

Democrats have done everything they can to worsen the crisis at the southern border.

But Donald Trump just signed an important executive order to combat the border crisis.

Illegal immigration was one of Donald Trump’s central campaign issues.

When given the chance, the American people have voted against increased immigration and amnesty, yet continue to be ignored.

But Trump has taken steps to curtail the problem of unfettered illegal immigration.

In his latest move, Trump signed an executive order that would bar illegal aliens from being counted in the United States census.

Trump said in a statement:

“My administration will not support giving congressional representation to aliens who enter or remain in the country unlawfully because doing so would create perverse incentives and undermine our system of government…This is all part of a broader left-wing effort to erode the rights of American citizens, and I will not stand for it.”

Trump is exactly correct.

When illegal aliens are counted in the census, it gives more representation to those counties, which are overwhelmingly blue.

One study showed that redistricting based on illegals being counted could cause 24 seats in red states to vanish.

This is just one of the ways illegal immigration hurts the country. There’s also the problem of Democrats bringing in waves of future voters.

First and second generation Americans tend to vote Democrat 80% of the time.

Throughout future generations, that disparity evens out, but the problem is new waves of illegal aliens are consistently coming into the country.

This creates enclaves that can breed isolation, which is only made worse by the concept of multiculturalism.

People think the word means celebrating various cultures but it doesn’t – it’s the belief that all cultures are equal, and people from other cultures should actively not assimilate once in the United States.

Open borders advocates on both the left and right attack Trump because he dares to put America first instead of being a “citizen of the world.”

Being a citizen of the world is fine, but not when you’re the American president.

Another strategy employed by Trump has been to make deals with Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador in order to keep asylum seekers in Mexico while they await their decision from immigration courts.

This, of course, angered the left, particularly Univision host Jorge Ramos.

Apparently, Ramos thinks it’s a terrible idea for asylum seekers to stay in Mexico, a country where he holds dual citizenship.

The reason why Ramos is opposed is because he and other open borders leftists like the old catch-and-release policy of asylum seekers being released into the country where they never show up for their court date.

Trump is going to keep fighting on the immigration issue, and the open borders radicals are going to keep pushing back.

But the American people are on Trump’s side despite how hard the so-called mainstream media advocates for open borders.

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