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Trump Just Reversed One Hazardous Obama Policy

Trump Just Reversed One Hazardous Obama Policy

Donald Trump

The Wuhan virus has brought to light many problems with the federal government.

Years and years of bad policy are finally coming home to roost.

And Donald Trump just reversed one hazardous Barack Obama policy.

As over 2.5 million people have been afflicted with the Wuhan coronavirus around the globe, questions are beginning to surface about the origin of the pandemic.

It’s understood that the coronavirus came from Wuhan, but the story that it originated in a wet market is beginning to fall apart.

The coronavirus came from a bat, but bats were not sold in the market, so the story was that the virus transferred from a wild bat to a different exotic animal, such as a pangolin.

However, there’s growing speculation, and almost unanimous belief among the intelligence community, that the virus escaped from a level four biohazard laboratory in Wuhan that was studying the effects of coronaviruses on bats.

That would seem like a fruitful place to start, but any speculation that the virus came from the lab was instantly shot down.

Senator Tom Cotton was hit by both The New York Times and Washington Post for even suggesting the possibility.

But now the lab is under proper scrutiny, and a Fox News report stated that the lab was handling the virus in an attempt to compete with the United States in the field of virology research, and human error was responsible for the breach of safety.

What’s also concerning is that the lab was given a $3.7 million grant by the Obama administration in 2015.

Trump’s reversal of the grant is another important step toward putting the concerns of America first.

American taxpayer dollars shouldn’t be going to a virology lab in China, especially when that lab is controlled by the Communist Party of China (CCP), who reportedly initiated the cover-up in the lab and concocted the wet market narrative.

One of the great achievements of the Trump administration is questioning business-as-usual practices.

Trump said other NATO countries need to pay their fair share as promised.

He recently suspended over $400 million in funding to the World Health Organization, which has proven to be a proxy organization for the CCP.

The WHO played a key role in spreading Chinese propaganda about the transmission of the virus at a critical time when health officials were gathering data.

Trump rightly pulled the Obama-era grant because America can’t afford to keep paying for things that only benefit other countries.

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