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Trump Official Just Offered A Major Warning About China

Trump Official Just Offered A Major Warning About China

Peter Navarro

America has ignored the rising threat of communist China.

Donald Trump was one of the first U.S. politicians to significantly sound the alarm.

And one Trump official just offered a major warning about China.

The Wuhan virus has killed over 1.7 million people and ravaged economies all across the globe.

But somehow the Chinese Communist Party has largely been able to deflect blame toward Donald Trump.

One of the reasons why is because the corporate press is more interested in attacking Trump than holding China’s feet to the fire.

Another reason is because China has infiltrated major American institutions that have been incentivized to go easy on the communist state.

White House trade and manufacturing policy director Peter Navarro didn’t mince words when he warned of the looming Chinese threat.

During an interview on “America This Week,” Navarro said, “It’s a standard playbook. A honey pot to lure in Americans, compromise them.”

Navarro was referencing Democrat congressman Eric Swalwell who had a relationship with a Chinese spy named Christine Fang who abruptly fled the country years ago.

Navarro continued, “The Chinese communist government does this all the time…[A]t some point this country has got to wake up…they’re out to get us…We’ve got to stop tolerating the Chinese Communist Party sending spies to America and having their ways with us.”

Many have argued that the United States has been in a Cold War with China for decades and didn’t even know it.

China has not only infiltrated the government as was the case with Swalwell, but the country has sent spies to American universities and recruited American professors to work for them.

The CCP has also spied on Chinese nationals studying in the United States through their Confucius Institute cultural centers on several campuses, although many of them have been shuttered since more information about them has emerged.

China has also targeted military personnel for various influence operations.

Navarro added, “You don’t want to entrust [Swalwell] with national intelligence secrets.”

His skepticism about Swalwell is warranted considering he sits on the House Intelligence Committee.

There’s no telling what kind of information he could’ve shared unwittingly with China.

Meanwhile, the so-called mainstream media have largely ignored the story and the threat of China more broadly.

Navarro is a big proponent of tariffs and bringing American jobs back home.

While the economics of such a strategy can be debated, the Wuhan virus and the national security threat of China dictate that the United States cannot be so reliant on China for essential manufacturing.

A vigilant corporate press would be covering the real threat of China.

Instead, stories about Uyghur Muslims being interned in concentration camps or political dissidents having their organs harvested go under-reported or unreported altogether.

Unless America wakes up, China will continue to extract resources from the United States through intellectual property theft and its capture of major industries.

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