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Trump Just Got A Huge Win In The Border Crisis Battle

Trump Just Got A Huge Win In The Border Crisis Battle

Donald Trump

Turmoil at the southern border isn’t letting up.

The effect of bad immigration policy is rearing its ugly head.

But Donald Trump just got a huge win in the border crisis battle.

One of the reasons Donald Trump won in 2016 is that he listened to the American people.

When voters have the opportunity, they vote against mass illegal immigration.

Trump made tackling the problem one of his chief campaign issues.

But he’s been met by stiff opposition.

Illegal immigration is a multi-billion dollar enterprise for many people involved, including the donor class who want the cheap labor, globalists who want to unstabilize countries to seize power, and criminal gangs who exploit migrants.

And that’s just a few of the players who want feckless immigration laws and lax borders.

Another major open borders faction is the Democrat Party.

They need to import new voters because their message to American citizens gets weaker every election cycle.

Activist lawyers and judges have tried to thwart Trump at every turn, but the Trump administration just got a major win on the immigration front.

The Supreme Court upheld Trump’s policy of denying welfare benefits to green card applicants.

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham remarked on the court ruling with the following statement, “Today’s stay from the Supreme Court is a massive win for American taxpayers, American workers, and the American Constitution. This decision allows the government to implement regulations effectuating longstanding federal law that newcomers to this country must be financially self-sufficient and not a ‘public charge’ on our country and its citizens.”

This seems like common sense, but leftists went bonkers in response to the Supreme Court ruling.

It makes no sense for America to import people that are immediately going to draw welfare benefits.

Democrats insist that immigrants don’t put any strain on the economy, but they’re simultaneously outraged by this ruling.

Prior to the social safety net being as robust as it is today, many immigrants often returned home.

That happens less often today because the social safety net has turned into a magnet.

Separate from green card applicants, even illegal aliens are drawing welfare benefits.

If illegal aliens have a child born in the United States, they become eligible for certain benefits.

On top of that, undercover investigations have revealed fraud in the welfare system vis-à-vis illegal aliens.

In some instances, illegal aliens are told precisely where they can get a fake social security card.

In San Francisco, illegal aliens are allowed to vote in school board matters.

And the investigative journalism group Project Veritas exposed a poll worker encouraging an illegal alien to vote in the local midterm election.

That is the battle that’s being fought on the immigration front, and the Democrats are incentivized to sit on their hands.

But Trump’s win in the Supreme Court was a good step toward fixing the broken immigration system.

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