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Trump Made One Announcement to Stop a Violent Terrorist Group

Trump Made One Announcement to Stop a Violent Terrorist Group

Donald Trump

Rioters and looters are ripping the country apart.

The disturbing murder of George Floyd is now being used as an excuse by far-left activists to cause havoc.

But Donald Trump made one announcement to stop a violent terrorist group.

A Minneapolis police officer is being charged with third-degree murder in the death of George Floyd, whose gruesome death was caught on camera.

The other three officers at the scene were also fired.

Protests in Minneapolis followed, then spread to other cities around the country.

However, the protests almost instantly turned violent because of bad actors intent on sowing chaos.

The main group believed to be behind a lot of the mayhem is the violent domestic terror group Antifa.

Many had been calling for the group to be labeled a terrorist organization, and Donald Trump finally did exactly that.

This move is long overdue.

Antifa has been caught planning and committing several acts of violence around the country, including a cowardly mob attack on an independent journalist.

Apologists for Antifa have made all kinds of excuses for the group.

The most absurd defense is that Antifa stands for “anti-fascist,” so somehow their name gives them blanket immunity.

The group opposed fascists in Europe a century ago, but they were—and still are—violent communists, so they’re detestable in their own right.

The people that reflexively defend Antifa don’t understand that the group hates them as well.

Their stated goal is to destroy capitalism and “eat the rich,” so all of the celebrities cheering them on would be some of the first people put against the wall.

Others have argued that Antifa isn’t an organization, but rather a style of tactics.

But Antifa has a flag, an ideology, common tactics, common dress, communication within cells, and activity across state lines.

Antifa started in Europe, so the organization travels outside the country.

The group needs to be put to a stop, and the people funding them should be exposed.

New York City is one of the cities worst affected by the rioting and looting in the wake of George Floyd’s death, and Antifa is instigating.

This isn’t even the first time they’ve caused trouble in the city.

Democrat governors and mayors have allowed these radicals to operate with impunity for far too long.

Portland is one of the most Antifa-infested cities.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has cut his police officers at the knees on many occasions by ordering them to stand down while Antifa runs roughshod.

Civilized society can’t function when masked terrorists are allowed to destroy businesses and beat people over the head.

It’s time to put a stop to the madness.

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