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The Trump Administration Just Won A Major Battle On The Border Crisis

The Trump Administration Just Won A Major Battle On The Border Crisis

Donald Trump

The Wuhan virus has not put a stop to the issue of illegal immigration.

Border patrol has had to remain vigilant about illegal border crossings in the face of the pandemic.

But the Trump administration just won a major battle on the border crisis.

The Trump administration recently announced that illegal border crossings have decreased significantly over the last fiscal year from October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020.

Mark Morgan—senior official performing the duties of U.S. Customs and Border Protection commissioner—announced the numbers in a recent press conference.

Morgan said:

“We saw our overall encounters along the southwestern border drop from almost 1 million last fiscal year to less than 458,000 this fiscal year…That’s a 53% reduction.”

CBP says that roughly 400,000 were caught trying to sneak into Texas, Arizona, California, and New Mexico. 58,000 were turned away by border security, but some might have sought asylum.

Last year represented the highest number of arrests by CBP since 2007, and the sharp decline for this year marks a win for the Trump administration’s immigration policy.

Still, even during the COVID-19 panic, illegal border crossings have been an issue.

CBP arrested 14,000 illegal aliens in April, but the number shot up to 47,000 in September.

The Trump administration has also worked to combat the sanctuary policies of many Democrat jurisdictions that have allowed violent criminals to be released into society.

Combating the globalists who are actively pushing for open borders has been a continual fight for the Trump administration.

Several of the migrant caravans from Central America have allegedly been funded by globalists.

Independent journalists who’ve embedded with the caravans have detailed how organized and well-funded they are.

NGOs supplied migrants with food, shelter, and other resources for their long trek north.

Members of the media have also done their part in exacerbating the border issue by demonizing members of CBP and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Some in the corporate press have even decried the Trump administration’s cooperation with Mexico in housing migrants south of the border while awaiting their asylum hearings.

The failed catch-and-release policies of the past have been curtailed under Trump; asylum seekers stopped at the border would be released into the population and never show up for trial.

Over 90% of asylum claims are deemed illegitimate, so catch-and-release has been a disastrous immigration policy.

But the Democrats have become even more radical on immigration since 2016. Many have called for the abolition of ICE, decriminalization of illegal border crossings, and universal healthcare for illegal aliens.

They’ve also fought to keep immigration status off the census, which boosts illegal voting, often for Democrat candidates.

The radical globalist agenda on immigration has been dampened by the Trump administration, but the open borders advocates haven’t stopped attempting to undermine American sovereignty.

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