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True Story Reveals That The Police State Is Worse Than You Probably Think

True Story Reveals That The Police State Is Worse Than You Probably Think

It’s no secret that the U.S. has become more and more of a lock-down zone since 09/11. That event made people scared, made people want to feel protected and safe again, and many people willingly chose to allow changes to occur in our society to soothe their sense of panic.

What this has essentially meant for our everyday lives is a rather quick loss of freedom, though most people wouldn’t recognize it. Sometimes it takes a visit to another country for you to realize what is really happening right before your eyes.

This is exactly what happened to Dave Lindorff. Lindorff took a trip to Canada with his wife where she was giving a music recital. When traveling into Canada, the Canadian official was courteous, friendly, and even asked the composer whose works Lindorff’s wife his was playing. The Canadian official then waived them through with a smile. But the return to the U.S. was a different issue. He writes,

“On our way back into the US, we found ourselves being questioned by a grim-faced, beefy, cop-like guy, complete with sidearm, about where we’d been and what we’d done in Canada. Now this is getting draconian. We are both US citizens traveling back from home from a visit to a country that is about as close an ally to the US as a country can be. There is no reason why an immigration official, having looked at our passports, should be asking us about our activities while in Canada. Hell, I could have said I was attending a conference on promoting world socialist revolution, or a global meeting of some white supremacist organization. It wouldn’t matter. He’d still have to grant us entry. I have every right to attend such political meetings in the US with impunity if I want to, and I have the same right as a US citizen to attend them abroad too.

“The stupid thing, of course, about such questions, is that if I actually were doing something illegal — say passing stolen state secrets to a spy connection in Canada, or meeting with some terrorist organization to plot a bombing in the US — I certainly wouldn’t offer that information to a border patrol officer.

“So why would we be asked by a border patrol official to report what we had been doing in Canada?

“The only reason I can come up with is intimidation. We were being shown that our behavior as US citizens is being monitored, and that if we do things that the government finds bothersome, we will be questioned and monitored further. It wouldn’t surprise me that if I had actually attended a conference on promoting world revolution during my trip and had lied about it by saying all I’d done was attend a music conference with my wife, I could be accused of committing the felony of lying to a federal border official. It is, after all, a felony to lie to an FBI agent — something that itself is incredibly draconian when you stop and think about it.”

Lindorff also details the difference in police presence between the U.S. and Canada. In the U.S., police officers are everywhere. In Canada, they had trouble finding a police officer in a major metropolitan city (Montreal) to even ask directions. Montreal would have to nearly double their police force to match the police to population density of Philadelphia (city of brotherly love, eh?) and would have to triple their police force to reach the police to population density of New York City.

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Now, some will undoubtedly say that New York City is more dangerous than Montreal. They may be right, but we have to ask, if that is the case (and I don’t know the statistics to be able to say if it is or if it isn’t), why is that the situation? There are certainly many potential answers and, undoubtedly, many factors, but what seems clear-cut is that we live in a United States in which the police are being treated by their employers (the government) as “law enforcement officers” instead of “peace officers.”

This is not the America in which I want my children to grow up. I want my children to grow up with a sense of peace and security. The government gives us rising and militarized police forces under the excuse of giving us peace, but they aren’t giving us peace. They’ve just taken more control.

It may be time to consider other options or even go completely off-grid, if you haven’t already done so. What do you think about the rising number of police in the U.S.? Tell us below.

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  • Sometimes the evil One world billionaires and their minions in the civil servant political arena, have to create a situation, when one doesn’t happen to make a law that they want implemented. So they create the problem so they can issue the wall again it’s all about your safety , What it’s really about taking away your freedom and then controlling your life.

  • Well the reason for the lying to a fed is from war time to trap spies. Yes they asked what you were doing in Canada you can say attending a music event or a conference you do,not need or are required to go into detail. On the southern border they as planned the same questions and sometimes more. A US citizen can be a terrorist or a spy for a forgiven service or a drug mule. Asking is not arresting and your response can make it fast or slow on the return.

  • My wife and I spent 2 weeks in Ireland 3 years ago. On our return trip, after we arrived at Dublin airport for our return flight we followed signs to a TSA checkpoint there. Other than the usual hassel of removing shoes and belts and emptying pockets, we breezed right through. I don’t remember any questions other than did we have anything to declare. We said no and got on the plane. When we arrived in the US we didn’t have to be checked by the TSA again, which we liked.
    I’ve read accounts of bad TSA agents. Apparently, Lindorff ran into one.

  • There will only be enough when the government has complete control. I’m old, I don’t think I’ll live to see it, I Hope.

  • Sounds like he let a little power go to his head. Sometimes that’s all it takes to allow the police state to take control. Maybe he was having a bad day? Maybe him and his wife had a fight that morning? Who knows!!?

  • Glad that I’m over the hill because this country as bad as it is, is going to get a lot more worse unless we have some type of a major revolution. Just look at the government officials we have. If you like corruption from the top on down, then you’re in the right place and especially when you see some of our cabinet officials getting away with crimes that would put us away forever. And responsibility? What’s that? Most of our younger generation doesn’t know what that is because of the way they’ve been brought up! Oh, and can we talk about most of the professors in most of our colleges teaching something near to communism. Makes you wonder where “liberalism” stops. And our police force? The way things are going, you can’t be a white cop going into a black neighborhood unless you want to be spat upon and shot at. In fact, you don’t even want to be a fireman going into those neighborhoods. It’s a shame, but for the last eight years, this country of ours has become more racially divided since the ’50’s and ’60’s and we can thank our top leader for that. Oh well, we could be living in a worse chit hole, couldn’t we.

  • Lying to a fed is a felony unless you are hillary clinton, or one of her those cases its just a minor informality, an accident, or a misunderstanding…i personally call it bulls#|*…..

  • Well that is funny. Drug mule. These tactics were first tried out on the hippies. And only the hippies complained. So the government has precedent and they are now working the rest of the population.

    Divide and conquer still works.

    Even funnier. Drug Prohibition was originally a leftist program targeted at minorities. And the right – in its infinite wisdom – has adopted it as if they had invented it. You might want to look up Harry J. Anslinger. for more details.

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