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Troubling Signs That Chaos Could be Coming to Your City

Troubling Signs That Chaos Could be Coming to Your City

Breakdown of the rule of law is a terrifying scenario.

Suddenly everyone becomes a threat that you must be wary of.

Here are signs to watch out for if mob rule could be a rising threat in your city.

Social contagion is a powerful and scary phenomenon.

When people get in large groups, they have a tendency to ignore personal responsibility and behave in uncharacteristic, and often violent ways.

This is how mobs can get out of hand.

Rational people can suddenly feel compelled to destroy and loot.

And any city is only one flashpoint away from breaking out into a riot.

To make matters worse, the liberal media do their best to gin up hatred and sow seeds of discord every chance they get.

They push fake news and perpetuate hoaxes.

And the consequences can be deadly.

One sign to look for that a riot could be brewing is increased police presence.

If you see police out in full force with riot gear at the ready, it usually means cops are expecting something to go down.

You’ll probably notice more police helicopters, and perhaps even see paddy wagons at the ready.

Shops and stores will also close early.

This is very common during championship games.

Unruly fans take to the streets and destroy property in “celebration” of their team winning the championship.

If your town has a team playing for the championship, do your best to avoid downtown areas, because trouble is likely brewing.

Sensationalized criminal trials can also be an omen of bad things to come.

In response to the Rodney King verdict, the city of Los Angeles erupted into mayhem.

The riots lasted nearly a week and cost $1 billion in damage.

Also, 63 people were killed, and over 2,000 more were injured.

Los Angeles Congresswoman Maxine Waters, one of the most corrupt members of the House, called the riots an “uprising.”

This is the type of leadership we can expect from our politicians.

It’s people like them who make survivalism necessary.

With these people eager to control our lives, we have no choice but to protect ourselves.

Politicians like Waters and the complicit media create battleground conditions where they shouldn’t exist.

For example, Berkeley erupted into chaos because students invited conservatives to come speak at the college.

Radical leftists have been so conditioned to hate anyone who disagrees with them, they rioted and caused a public menace.

They’ve done this countless times.

If you live in an area where the media is hyping up an incident to dangerous proportions, but prepared to defend yourself and your family.

As mentioned before, rioters can be overwhelmed in the moment, and lash out violently when they otherwise wouldn’t.

And if you do get stuck in a mob, don’t try to move against the grain.

It could get you stampeded, or even targeted for assault.

Splinter away from the pack as soon as it’s reasonably safe, and get to your home immediately.



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