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Top Officials Betrayed Trump With One Lie That Will Make Your Blood Boil

Top Officials Betrayed Trump With One Lie That Will Make Your Blood Boil

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been fighting against the deep state for four years.

Many within the intelligence community coordinated with the Democrat Media Complex to bring down his presidency.

And top officials betrayed Trump with one lie that will make your blood boil.

Donald Trump ran on untangling America from endless wars in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

After the disastrous Iraq War, Americans only got more foreign intervention under the Obama administration with incursions into Syria, Yemen, Libya, and drone attacks throughout the region.

Trump struck a major blow to ISIS, then wanted to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan.

However military officials lied to him about the number of troops on the ground in order to keep soldiers entrenched in the region.

Outgoing Syria envoy Ambassador Jim Jeffrey admitted as much in an interview.

“We were always playing shell games to not make clear to our leadership how many troops we had there,” Jeffrey said.

The actual number of troops positioned in northeast Syria is “a lot more than” the 200 troops Trump authorized to leave behind.

Jeffrey continued:

“What Syria withdrawal? There was never a Syria withdrawal…When the situation in northeast Syria had been fairly stable after we defeated ISIS, [Trump] was inclined to pull out. In each case, we then decided to come up with five better arguments for why we needed to stay. And we succeeded both times. That’s the story.”

Jeffrey was one of many Never-Trumpers who signed a letter warning against Trump in 2016, but he would later eat his words.

Jeffrey has praised Trump’s historical Middle East peace deals between several Arab states and Israel.

Jeffrey remarked:

“Nobody really wants to see President Trump go, among all our allies [in the Middle East]…The truth is President Trump and his policies are quite popular among all of our popular states in the region. Name me one that’s not happy.”

Trump’s foreign policy instincts cut against the crony establishment that tried to undermine him every step of the way.

And they were wrong when they argued that Trump’s decision to move the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would kill any peace talks in the region.

Trump wasn’t even able to have his top choice of national security adviser in General Michael Flynn because of the Russiagate conspiracy that targeted him.

Trump’s common sense approach to foreign policy is exactly what America needed after 20 years of wars across Asia and Africa.

Instead, Trump wants to focus on border security in America considering the terror threats within the United States.

It’s precisely why he restricted travel from countries where it’s difficult to properly vet those coming into the country.

If Trump is unable to secure a second term due to massive voter irregularities, he will have at least shown that the Never-Trump foreign policy establishment was dead wrong.

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