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Top Official Dropped A Bombshell About What China Is Doing

Top Official Dropped A Bombshell About What China Is Doing

John Ratcliffe

China has become a dangerous threat to the world.

The Wuhan virus was a wake-up call for many.

And one top official dropped a bombshell about what China is doing.

The United States is in a Cold War with communist China.

Many Americans, including members of the government, didn’t realize it at first, but it’s now become clear to many.

China has designs on becoming the world hegemon – and the United States stands in their way.

And Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe made that clear when he briefed the House and Senate Intelligence Committees on China’s interference in the 2020 election.

Russian interference in 2016 amounted to some piddling Facebook ads, while in 2020, Iran attempted a transparent voter intimidation scheme by posing as Proud Boys and threatening people not to vote for Joe Biden.

But Ratcliffe explains that China’s influence is much more sophisticated and widespread.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Ratcliffe “briefed the House and Senate Intelligence committees that China is targeting members of Congress with six times the frequency of Russia and 12 times the frequency of Iran.”

That should come as no surprise after House Intelligence Committee member Eric Swalwell had a relationship with a Chinese spy, Christine Fang.

Ratcliffe didn’t mince words regarding his concern over China. He warned that China represents not only the “greatest threat to America today,” but also “the greatest threat to democracy and freedom world-wide since World War II.”

The idea in the 1970s was that China would liberate once they adopted free markets.

While China has loosened its economic restrictions, it maintains an authoritarian, one-party rule and endeavors to expand its power around the globe.

China has already flexed its muscles in the United States by influencing Hollywood and the NBA.

Ratcliffe expounded on this strategy that China’s been executing for years:

“I call its approach of economic espionage ‘rob, replicate and replace.’ China robs U.S. companies of their intellectual property, replicates the technology, and then replaces the U.S. firms in the global marketplace.”

This is one of the practices that Donald Trump fought hard to curtail, but establishment politicians in the D.C. swamp were unwilling to fight alongside him.

China has also targeted members of the U.S. military in order to gain access.

While the United States came together and won the Cold War against communist Russia, the far-left has greatly damaged the American spirit since then.

Communist empathizers are no longer taboo like they used to be.

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