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Top Doctor Gave The Shocking Reason Why The Coronavirus Is Spreading

Top Doctor Gave The Shocking Reason Why The Coronavirus Is Spreading

Dr. Deborah Birx Coronavirus

Health officials around the world are racing against the clock to solve the Wuhan coronavirus.

Many countries have been overwhelmed by the rapid number of infections.

And one top doctor gave the shocking reason why the pandemic is spreading.

Dr. Deborah Birx is one of the top U.S. officials on Donald Trump’s coronavirus task force.

Despite her sterling credentials and body of work in both Democrat and Republican administrations, some in the so-called mainstream media have levied feeble attacks against her.

And during a recent press briefing, Dr. Birx gave the harrowing reason why the virus is spreading.

Birx pointed out that health officials were not entirely prepared because they were getting false data from the Chinese government:

As more information becomes available, it is clear that China has acted with severe negligence regarding the outbreak.

Due to lies and obfuscation from the Communist Party of China, the entire world is suffering at the hands of the highly contagious pandemic.

Thus far, there have been over 850,000 confirmed cases and over 42,000 deaths, and it’s very likely those numbers are higher because China and Iran have not been transparent.

Also, many countries simply can’t—or won’t—test.

Part of the critical missing data that Dr. Birx referenced was the transmissibility of the virus from person to person.

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China told the World Health Organization (WHO), which has been exposed as a feckless institution beholden to Chinese influence, that the coronavirus was not spread from human contact.

However, a study conducted at Southampton University outside of London showed that 95% of the outbreak could’ve been abated had China acted sooner.

China was aware of the virus as early as mid-November, but silenced the doctors and hospital administrators who reported the illness on social media, and allowed countless people to travel from Wuhan after the spread of the pandemic.

They also arrested citizen journalists who were reporting on the outbreak.

Countries around the world will most assuredly have a harsh response to China in the face of their blatant lies and propaganda efforts, which included blaming the spread of the virus on the U.S. military.

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