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Top 10 Things To Have In Your Disaster Preparedness Kit

Top 10 Things To Have In Your Disaster Preparedness Kit

When I was a young child my family lived in Southern California, an earthquake-prone area.  After living there for a couple of years and experiencing minor earthquakes from time to time, our local newspaper published a map of the San Andreas fault in relation to our city.  As it turned out, our street lay right across the fault line!!

Thankfully in our three years living on the street, we didn’t experience anything worse than a 5-second tremble or an earthquake in the night that shook my little twin bed into the middle of my bedroom while I slept.

Over the last 100 years there have been many dozens of earthquakes that have taken tens of thousands of lives, displaced hundreds of thousands, and caused millions of dollars in damage.

There are some simple actions you can take right now to dramatically increase your chances of survival and relative comfort in the event of an earthquake or other disaster.  Get an old backpack for each family member.  Fill it with the items listed below first, then customize it based on your individual and family needs –

Click here to view the top 10 things to have in your disaster kit & view a video from the creator of

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