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Tools You’ll Need In The City When Disaster Hits

Tools You’ll Need In The City When Disaster Hits


Urban survival can be incredibly difficult.

The advantages of the city can be disadvantages in the face of an emergency.

These are the tools you’ll need in the city when disaster hits.

Many believe that urban survival is ultimately not possible in the wake of a crisis.

The rationale is that there are too many people fighting over too few resources in a congested space.

While those challenges are real, urban survival can be sustained for a while if you have the right mindset.

Part of being properly prepared is having the right supplies on hand before a disaster strikes.

Here are some life-saving tools and resources that can help you get through a crisis.

Lock pick

This tool will come in handy in a true emergency because properties will be abandoned.

For example, if your home is destroyed in the midst of a hurricane, you might need to access an empty office building as a last resort.

You might even need them to enter your own properties if keys get lost in the chaos.

In addition to having lock-picking tools, you need to practice using them, because fumbling around with them in the middle of a crisis is a recipe for disaster.


Conversely, having locks to secure your personal items when you’re unable to guard them is essential.

They’re good for both long-term and short-term shelter situations.

At the very least, locks can work as a deterrent for people looking for easy targets, or a sign that someone has property that they have not abandoned.

Bolt Cutters

You can’t have locks without bolt cutters.

You might forget the combination to one of your locks, or misplace a guy.

Bolt cutters will allow you to access your cache, and perhaps access to other parts of the city that have been abandoned.

There may be a scenario where you need to get through a chain-link fence.

Bolt cutters are a handy tool to have in tow.

First-aid kit

Basic first-aid skills and supplies are a must, because medical help is not one phone call away.

If you have any medical conditions that require prescription drugs or specific care, plan ahead and make sure you have enough of a supply to sustain you.

Band-aids, gauze, pain relievers, alcohol, cotton balls, and scissors are just a few of the items you should have in your kit.


If disaster hits an urban area, lawlessness is a harsh reality you will have to face.

In order to defend yourself and your family, having firearms will be essential.

Even generally law-abiding people can be pushed over the edge in crisis, so it’s a good idea to have guns and ammunition on hand to ward off any threats.

These are just a few of the items that will help you weather the rocky storm of urban survival.

The good thing about all of these items is that they can be easily transported in a backpack.

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