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One Ticking Time Bomb Poses a Great Threat to the United States

One Ticking Time Bomb Poses a Great Threat to the United States

America faces a wave of difficult challenges.

One of the most pressing is the rise of authoritarianism within the Democrat Party, which continues to veer to the hard left.

But America has another crisis on the reason that will have serious consequences.

America currently has a birth rate of 1.7, which is well below the replacement rate of 2.1 births per woman.

According to the CDC, the number of live births for 2018 dropped to 3.8 million, the lowest recorded figure in over three decades.

This poses a serious problem.

If there aren’t enough young people to replace the old, certain sectors within the economy will suffer.

This also puts even more strain on the entitlement programs that the left loves so much.

With fewer young people paying into programs like social security, their insolvency worsens at an accelerated pace.

Decades ago, Europe tried to solve this problem with waves of immigration.

The leaders of Europe foolishly thought the migrants would eventually return home, and they ignored the fact that migrants grow old, too.

Instead of cutting spending, European countries put the pedal to the metal and expedited their descent into profligate government spending.

Sadly, America is falling into the same trap.

Leftists want to blow out government spending and simultaneously open the borders to everyone.

The math is completely illogical, but that never deterred a leftist.

The problem is made worse by the fact that leftists are actively encouraging new arrivals not to assimilate to American culture.

Even though the pro-life movement is slowly gaining traction (abortion rates have fallen dramatically over the past few decades), there are still over 600,000 babies aborted each year.

That number plays a big part in the tumbling birth rate, but it isn’t the only factor.

More women are pursuing demanding careers in lieu of starting a family, and many of these women become depressed as they realize they likely missed their chance to have children.

The student loan crisis is also contributing to the reduced birth rate.

Young people who’ve been sold on the idea that they must go to college in order to have a successful career are exiting college with obscene levels of debt.

The student loan baggage is causing many college graduates to delay having children because of financial instability.

And since these loans are backed by the federal government, they cannot be discharged via bankruptcy, and the universities continue to hike tuition rates, which exacerbates the debt crisis.

The radicalization occurring on college campuses, coupled with mounting student loan debt, is leading more students toward progressivism.

And one aspect of progressivism is population control.

The most radical leftists wouldn’t mind a birth rate of zero; they think the planet would be better off if humans didn’t exist.

If America doesn’t solve these problems, civilizational collapse is likely inevitable.

These fears, and many others are examples of why it’s necessary to plan for a crisis.

Things can escalate very quickly and unexpectedly.

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