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The Biggest Upcoming Threats You Should Be Deeply Concerned About

The Biggest Upcoming Threats You Should Be Deeply Concerned About


Survivalists are always on the lookout for the next calamity.

And such an emergency can manifest itself in various forms.

Here are the biggest upcoming threats to watch out for.

The best preppers know how to be ready for the worst without living in fear of it.

You can’t live a healthy life under constant stress.

It’s important to enjoy the good times while understanding that bad times may come.

Here are some looming threats to be vigilant about.

  1. Civil unrest

Political violence is on the rise and almost all of it is fueled by the mainstream media.

The establishment media never had to compete for the attention of the masses.

But with alternative news sources now available, mainstream outlets have gone completely insane with their rhetoric in an attempt to scare up more viewership.

The strategy isn’t entirely working—their influence is decreasing—but they’re setting a match to the country in the process.

They’re making it even worse by refusing to report on left-wing violence, and in some instances, even encouraging it.

  1. Financial collapse

An economic downturn has been in the works for years due to bad fiscal and monetary policy.

All the indicators for a recession are lighting up.

One sign is the inversion of the yield curve, which means short-term investments are offering a higher rate of return.

Overseas, the ECB (European Central Bank) is offering negative interest rates, which is essentially telling people to spend money instead of saving it.

Anyone who invests at a negative interest rate is basically assuming that their money will be worth even less down the road.

These are bad signs.

  1. Natural disaster

This is all but guaranteed to happen.

The only question is the location and severity.

Massive flooding and tornado season did massive damage in the Midwest, and now the East Coast and Gulf coast must prepare for hurricane season.

People in these areas, particularly Floridians, should have hurricane insurance as well as a bug-out plan if their city is evacuated.

  1. Foreign attack

Our geopolitical foes never stop thinking about ways to harm us.

China and North Korea have both experimented with EMPs, which could do immense damage.

The international terror threat has become a reality that must be taken seriously, even in periods of relative calm.

Terror groups never stop planning attacks.

  1. Government tyranny

This might seem unlikely, but it’s already happening gradually.

Liberals are pushing for European-style hate speech laws that can literally land someone in prison for an “offensive” post on social media.

Compelled speech laws around transgenderism are already forming, most notably in Canada.

And all the Democrats running for President in 2020 have said they’re coming for our guns.

Meanwhile, the tech giants have practically assumed a government watchdog role because their politics are in league with the big-government liberals.

While tyranny might seem the most far-fetched because of America’s wealth and freedom, this could actually be the greatest threat of all.

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