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This Technology Would Have Made Hitler Proud – And It May Have Already Been Used On You

This Technology Would Have Made Hitler Proud – And It May Have Already Been Used On You

Dictators, whether supposedly “benevolent” or not, are all about finding ways to intimidate and control people. And, to be frank, they’ve come up with some very clever and devious ways to do so. If you thought George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four or Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World couldn’t happen here in the United States, think again. The technology is here and is being deployed right under your noses.

The latest attempt to track and control your every move is coming under the name REAL ID which the Federal government is seeking to require all U.S. citizens to carry. The Feds are urging states to make all driver’s licenses compliant with REAL ID guidelines, but states that do not will find citizens having to carry a second, REAL ID acceptable, form of identification to be able to drive (even if you already have a state driver’s license) or to travel by plane.

Derrick Broze puts the situation into perspective for Americans:

“Quite simply, this identification card is just another step towards a technocratic control grid wielded by power-hungry politicians who have little interest in stopping terrorism, but rather, controlling and dominating the population at large. It will be interesting to see which states stand their ground against the federal government — and which ones cower in fear.

Each of us has to decide what we are willing to accept in order to participate in airline travel. Perhaps for some, it is less time-consuming to simply update your identification card to comply with the proper REAL ID security measures. Others may feel strongly about their principles and will willingly accept extra harassment if it means not obtaining a national identification card. If you choose this route, be aware the process is extensive. I would recommend arriving even earlier than you typically might.”

But, it’s not just Americans that are concerned about governments using identification to track their own citizens. Germans have totalitarianism in their recent collective memories. Possibly because of this, the Washington Post notes,

“In a 2014 survey, nearly 40 percent of Germans said they considered increasing digitalization and the role of intelligence services to be a threat.”

And they have good reason to be concerned: Just this past August a German man was arrested at an airport because he had microwaved his official ID card to prevent using it to track him with the RFID chip embedded in the ID (see here and here). Germans are so nervous about surveillance, including U.S. surveillance of them, that,

“After it was revealed that the U.S. National Security Agency had intercepted calls in Germany, sales of old-school typewriters were reported to have skyrocketed, as some Germans assumed that sending letters might make communications surveillance harder for U.S. officials.”

Germans experienced this kind of tracking and surveillance in recent history, and we see how they are reacting to this. Shouldn’t we take notice, too, and make some wise decisions or take precautions?

How will you handle the REAL ID roll out here in the U.S.? Tell us below.

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