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This May Be Why Your Kids Disagree With Your Politics

This May Be Why Your Kids Disagree With Your Politics

There is a famous quote often attributed to Winston Churchill that says something like “If a person is not a liberal when he is twenty, he has no heart; if he is not a conservative when he is forty, he has no head.”  Whether this quote is true (this article isn’t seeking to sway your thoughts on your politics), there seems to be another issue that is causing a large number of our youth to have a very definite political bent.

A study conducted by Associate Professor of Business at Brooklyn College Mitchell Langbert shows that college professors lean heavily in one political direction. Yes, even more so than you probably already thought (hat tip to here for the lead). Nick Kangadis writes,

According to the study, a whopping 39 percent of the 51 liberal arts colleges in the study have absolutely zero professors who are registered Republicans. Zero. Zilda. Nada. Only one college in the study, Thomas Aquinas College in California, had zero Democrats on its professorial staff.

If your kids are attending one of those liberal arts colleges, then there is a very good chance that they will never hear a political point of view other than that which calls for a socialist government running everyone’s lives.

To make this even more clear, across the sampled colleges, there were 10.4 registered Democrat professors to every single registered Republican professor. If you take out West Point and Annapolis (the Army and Navy’s universities, respectively), that ratio jumps to 12.7 registered Democrat professor to every single registered Republican professor.

It’s no wonder kids these days are clueless about any other political viewpoint than the one party’s perspective. Even if your personal political leanings are Democratic, this should concern you. How will children learn to think for themselves if they cannot even hear another point of view to challenge their thinking? How can they sharpen their thinking without debating opposing viewpoints? How can these children hope to come out of university with any hope of doing real work in a world that doesn’t go by the rules in school if these kids don’t understand a different point of view.

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It’s tragic, really, and, according to the study’s author, it may be too late to reform the current university system to bring a balanced education to people. Langbert said, “The solution to viewpoint homogeneity may lie in establishing new colleges from the ground up, rather than in reforming existing ones.”

So, if you’re wanting your kids to learn to think for themselves, you may want to steer them towards “non-traditional” education opportunities.

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