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This Could Be The Biggest Food Storage Mistake That People Make

This Could Be The Biggest Food Storage Mistake That People Make

Have you been planning for a survival situation? Do you have your bug out bag ready along with weapons, gasoline, and other supplies that you’ll likely need, including stored food?

There’s a good chance that you still aren’t ready.

You may have all of your camping gear ready to go. You may have power sources. You may have food and water to last you for months.

But you probably don’t have “food-producing fertilizers that “power” home gardens and turn seeds into edible food with high production output.”

What do we mean? You need the plant nutrients necessary to restart your garden after the immediate crisis has passed so that, once your stored food is gone, you have food growing so that you can continue living.

Mike Adams says,

“Quality fertilizers vastly improve food yields and food nutrition, allowing the same plant to produce as much as 400% more food than the same plant in a non-fertilized state. Without plant fertilizers, your garden seeds won’t produce as much food as you’re probably hoping.”

In other words, a good survival plan takes into consideration how to rebuild a life after the crisis, and of utmost importance in that is your food supply. Watch Mike Adams mini-documentary below.

What are your thoughts? Have you stored food nutrients already? Or are we nuts? Comment below.

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