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Think Police Brutality Doesn’t Happen? This Will Change Your Mind

Think Police Brutality Doesn’t Happen? This Will Change Your Mind

I think that we can all agree that most law enforcement officers are decent people who want to help people. That doesn’t change the fact, however, that some encounters with law enforcement officers turn violent and people get beat up, and, sometimes, these situations create allegations of police brutality.

Some people, though, want to argue that allegations of police brutality are simply situations in which a criminal doesn’t like the fact that they were busted, and this is almost certainly the case sometimes. Sometimes, though, police brutality is a real thing. Sometimes, police officers abuse people. Matt Agorist gives us the details of a disturbing recent case of this:

A man’s call to 911 for help turned into a nightmare last month after police showed up and nearly killed him. On October 21, a 27-year-old maintenance worker, Christopher Penn was handcuffed, choked, tasered on his testicles, and beaten until he fell unconscious.

That night, Penn was in need of mental health help. Clearly delusional, he had called 911 telling police that he had taken some pills and said a friend let some people into his home who wanted to kill him. Six officers showed up.

As police enter the man’s bedroom, he is on the phone, not resisting and allows officers to place him in handcuffs—despite not having committed a crime. As officers put the handcuffs on him, he is peaceful but now scared that police are trying to set him up.

“Why y’all trying to set me up?” he asked.

“Hey, Dad! I’m handcuffed now, and they’re going to put a gun on me,” he said talking to the phone on his bed. “You heard me?”

“Dad!” he repeated.

“Nobody’s on the phone,” one of the officers said.

Obviously scared and still fairly delusional, Penn repeatedly asked the officers if he could sit down, a request officers repeatedly denied.

According to the police report, Penn was violent, tried grabbing a child as police escorted him out of the home, and beat up officers. However, [a Times Free Press report states that] the police report is not backed up by video of the incident.

Further details of the situation show that Penn fell onto a couch near a child but does not indicate that he tried to grab the child. Also, you have to ask if you would fight if you felt like you were being attacked and set up and if you were tasered in your testicles. Maybe the problem wasn’t that Penn was violent but that the police tactics in this situation were to blame.

Unfortunately, this type of physical abuse of citizens by law enforcement officers happens on a regular basis around the country, but it shouldn’t happen at all. Frankly, because you don’t know if the police officer which you encounter is one of the good guys or one of the bullies, you might be better served by avoiding any interaction with law enforcement whenever possible.



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  • They had him in handcuffs, as stated in the article. Handcuffs are usually applied with the hands BEHIND the handcuffed person. With him handcuffed behind his back, HOW could he have GRABBED a child?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Especially when being escorted (usually by physical contact) by the police officers?

    Me thinks that the police were definitely OUT OF LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The cops are NOT your friends! Don’t help them, don’t talk to them without a lawyer, don’t allow them in your home without a warrant. If you are abused, file charges against them, first with their so called Internal Affairs unit, and then in federal court. They really don’t like that.

  • I would never have thought police abuse would happen to my sister & I, we’re old ladies & we were asleep in our home. At 2 a.m. we were awakened by the police knocking on the door; I answered; they stated there had complaints of loud music; it was dead quiet; there wasn’t any loud music; I told the police we were asleep; they insisted they wanted to speak to my visiting disabled nephew; he came to the door and tried to answer their questions stating the same thing; then one officer reached in & pulled my nephew outside, and proceeded to assault him throwing onto the front yard with his hands cuffed behind his back; my sister & I were in a state of shock trying to stop the assault; then we were threatened with arrest. This happened 3 years ago; the police have lied and made up an imaginary list of violations against my nephew. We have tried and tried writing letters; so-called police investigation. I never would have thought this would happen. But, I believe some police are psychopaths and delight in this behavior because the badge gives them authority.

  • I believe this story is a baited situation. It seems to lack details an credibility from the author. Do Police ever cross the line? It does happen, but if you look at the over all statistics it is a very small percentage. I am more concerned with the issue that people can make accusations with out having to prove their credibility, an expect others to follow suit as it’s is gospel. This site is not a reliable news site, it’s a social platform to promote there belief’s! Facts are not required here just that you cater to there belief’s.

  • Dumb cop syndrome. Cops have to realize their duty is NOT called for in the Constitution. People have to realize their constitutional obligation.

    So when you give unconstitutional powers to police you are unloading a butt FOOL of problems on yourselves. This one would be a fine example.

  • The same thing happened to me on Memorial Day, 2017 while sitting in my front yard not harming anyone. I am 64 and disabled. I was handcuffed first with zip ties, then yanked down by my hair. The Cop that did this yelled I hit him, while the second one ran over and beat me in the face with steel cuffs around his hand like brass knucks. After both beat on me a while, they then put the steel cuffs on me and climbed on top of me. The Cop that yanked me down pulled out his teaser and shoved it over my heart and threatened to pull the trigger. I wound up with two broken ribs and a concussion. I almost died a few days later, the ER doctor said it was caused from the injuries I sustained.

  • The courts will believe the police over the defendant almost every time, because the court system we have in this country is a commercial (Law of the sea) court system. Due to the lack of understanding about what we are living under, most people, unless they are personally involved, will believe the system almost every time.

  • That is true. You need to have absolute proof that what they did was way beyond the need for their actions. A lot of issues are only a snapshot of the situation an the whole needs to be looked at. Yes the police do need sometimes to be very physical, but they also need to learn how to back off once they have control. As well as when the person is combative or just vocally not agreeing with them.

  • I am so sorry you went through this. The fear of being killed in your own front yard for doing absolutely nothing is extremely frightening. When this (so-called) policeman attacked my disabled nephew, all I could do was pray that he wouldn’t kill him; I was in a state of shock.

  • Jannette, thank you for replying to my comment. It saddens me greatly to hear your story and what happened to your nephew. The number of Corrupt Police Officers as well as Judges are rising on a daily basis. My Father was a Police Officer, but times were different then. He would have never became the animals we have wearing badges today. When you think about it, the Police Officers we have today came from a generation in which were raised without discipline. The Government stepped in and told people they couldn’t discipline their own children. So, as a result, we have a Society of adults now that think they are privilaged and everyone ows them special rights. My father found people who was hitchhiking, this was in the 60’s when you could trust most people to be good. He, my father, would go buy lunch meat, bread, and a small jar of mayonaise and take them to the Station House and feed them. It was against the rules then, but he played by his own rules. When the finished eating, he insisted they keep the remainder of the food left so they wouldn’t be hungry. He then would take them to the outskirts of town and let them out to catch a ride to where they were going. He taught me to respect Cops, to tell the truth if I did something wrong, accept the consequences, and above all, follow any command an officer of the Law gave me. My big brother was a Police Officer much like my father. He is still a Constable over Eastland County. He is angry over what was done to me. He is aware that Police Officers of yesteryear are not what is on the street now. What we have is common thugs hiding behind a badge. I do not nor will I ever trust another Cop. My Father couldn’t have ever seen this coming. I lost him in 07 due to cancer, but he was a good man. I will not ever call a cop again, no matter what the situation is. People are always telling me to call the Police for things that happen, I say no thanks. If I get pulled over, I will hand them my liscense and insurance, but will not answer any of their questions. It is none of their business where I have been or where I am going. I really wish we could still trust them, but we cannot. Thank you again.

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