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The Unexpected Reason That You Should Consider Homeschooling Your Children

The Unexpected Reason That You Should Consider Homeschooling Your Children

Many Americans think that schools are more dangerous now than when we attended them as youths, and you can see why. The news media consistently reports stories of gang violence, kids being bullied, and horrible mass shootings. But there is another threat to your child’s well being that you may not have considered: the emotional and self-esteem damage on your kids of government policies implemented through the school system.

A perfect example of the lunacy of government policies in schools happened recently in Modesto, California to a five year old kid. Deke Farrow writes,

Jackson Riley attends the Great Valley Academy public charter school in Modesto and was suspended for a day for making terrorist threats, TV station Fox 40 reported.

The incident occurred Aug. 31, Jackson’s father, Ian Riley, told The Bee. He got a call from the school saying the kindergartner had refused to take off his backpack and, when asked why, said there was a bomb in it that would explode if he did so.

Riley said he was asked to pick up Jackson, who would be given a one-day suspension. “I said, I’ll come get him, but I’m not sure what a suspension will do for a 5-year-old. They said, ‘It’s what we have to do.'”

The school initially sent the Rileys a letter saying their son was suspended for his intent to “threaten, intimidate or harass others.” The family was told that was the school code violation that best fit what happened, Ian Riley said.

When the Rileys pointed out that code applied only to fourth- through 12th-graders, not kids as young as Jackson, the school agreed and so sent a second letter, changing the violation to one about making terrorist threats. (hat tip to here for the source)

Now, think about this for a moment. This is a five year old. Would you have taken this child’s response about his backpack as an intent to intimidate, much less an intent to threaten? And do you know any little boys who don’t automatically want to pretend play like they have guns or grenades? And do these children have any desire to actually ever injure anyone?

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The scary part is that people who obviously have no understanding of how little boys play (especially that young) are in charge of marking that child’s record permanently as well as intimidating that child or otherwise shaming them for simply acting like boys.

What boys need is not to be taught to be peaceful little children. They aren’t, and the fact of the matter is that we don’t want them to be. What we want them to be is moral so that they know that violence is rarely ever the answer, but, on that very rare occasion when it is (like when someone is really being assaulted), violence is the only answer to prevent more people from being hurt or killed.

So, you may want to consider homeschooling your children, and, maybe, especially your sons so that you can teach them how to be men and so that they won’t be conditioned to be ashamed of who they are and taught to be someone different.

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