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The Sweet Food That Helps Heal Burns, Cuts, and Scrapes Naturally

The Sweet Food That Helps Heal Burns, Cuts, and Scrapes Naturally

In a disaster situation, wound treatment is always a problem because wounds can happen so unexpectedly, and they can vary so much in the type of wound that they are. How can you make sure that you have every possibility covered?

The answer may be that it isn’t possible to have medicines on hand to cover every possible wound type, but you can deal with a large number of possible skin wounds with one simple, common, and tasty food: honey., citing a PubMed article, notes:

Honey is one of nature’s most miraculous dressings for burns, ulcers, and even open wounds. The good news is that you can use honey to heal. The best news is that honey is very easy to use.

A nice aspect of using honey, besides how easy it is to get your hands on and the relative inexpensiveness of it, is that for many minor skin wounds, you don’t need to do much more than put honey on the wound and then cover the wound. You’ll also want to clean a deeper wound thoroughly before putting honey and a bandage on it.

Another recommendation from Offthegridnews is what kind of honey to use:

Finally, Don’t purchase over-processed (almost always overheated and over filtered) honey found in your grocery store. A much better option would be to use raw, unheated honey from a local farmer or health food store. Always shop “local” if you can. There’s usually a beekeeper in every community.

But, the good news is that, if you can’t find local honey to purchase from a beekeeper, then there are ways to locate a wild bee hive so that you can get honey that way. David C. Brown gives us advice on this:

Purposely finding a bee tree is possible because worker bees have a habit of returning in a straight line to the hive from a foraging area, hence the term “bee line.”

Once you locate or set up a feeding location for bees, they will bring other worker bees and take you right back to the hive. Once you’ve located it, getting the honey can be a challenge as it’s not uncommon for wild hives to be higher up in dead trees. Ideally, you’ll want one that you can reach easily because cutting down the dead tree can damage the hive, and, then, you’ll have to start all over again once you have exhausted the honey supply in the hive that you located.

Of course, once you have located a good source of honey, you can collect honey both for food purposes and also for healing purposes, and that double-duty means that honey is a good use of your resources.



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  • Just beware of the honey sold by the half gallon you see on sale from time to time. They could be from China and Chinese are notorious for watering everything down with phony sh it.

  • Not only that, Chinese are faking honey as well which you can find in shops around Asia. They are also faking eggs which are made out of plastic. The Chinese are faking all kinds of foods now and until you cook or eat them you really have no idea they are fake. Fake honey looks and pours like the real thing but there is not an ounce of honey in the jar. It tastes like a sugary chemical. Fake eggs have yolks and whites and a nice shell but are 100% made of plastics. You can see fake lettuce being made on youtube. They also fake wine which is a gasoline-based liquid laced with flavorings. Milk is also faked and China did catch the milk queen and she is in prison, you can google that.

  • Why smear sticky honey on you when fresh Aloe Vera pulp will do the trick and you skin will absorb all of it real quick !!!

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